Share an answer via email

The ease of sharing answers by email is something managers and account administrators both enjoy. While viewing a Check-in you can share an answer via email, if that setting is enabled for your company. When you share by email, the recipient(s) will get an email showing the answer you shared as well as any comment you provided. Visibility is limited to that answer and comment only, unless the recipient has access to view the reporter's Check-ins. The reporter whose answer was shared by email will not be notified that their answer was shared. 

Share an answer or comment by email

1. To share by email, click on the ... to the right of a comment or answer.


2. Click Share by email.


3. Complete the fields in the pop-up window and click Send.


4. You will see a brief notification confirming that the email was sent. 


5. The recipient(s) will receive an email that looks like this.


6. If the recipient(s) do not have access to view the full Check-in, they will only see the answer and any comments that were shared. If the recipient(s) have access to view the full Check-in, they will be able to see the answer, comments, and full Check-in for the person whose answer was shared. 

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