Submit a Check-in without a manager

We often get asked by CEOs, VPs, and executives, "Should I submit my own Check-in? If so, do I need to have a direct manager?" While the top level of reporters may not have a direct manager themselves, there are still benefits to submitting a Check-in. More info on submitting a Check-in as a company leader is outlined in the article below.



In 15Five, it is not a requirement that leaders complete and submit their own Check-ins, but we do give you the option to enable this feature on your own profile. If you're already assigned to a direct manager, a Check-in will be ready for you to fill out without any action on your part.

CEOs and Check-ins

David Hassell, 15Five's CEO, recently started to submit his own Check-in and confirms, "I do think it can be a valuable practice. First and foremost, I find the weekly self-reflection quite valuable in thinking about where I've been succeeding, and also areas I'm struggling and could use help from my team."

"You can use our 'follow' feature where you can add people in your company who will be notified when you submit a Check-in and who can see your Check-in. In my case, I've now added everyone in the company, but other CEOs I've spoken with often just put their executive/leadership team on as viewers."

CEOs can use Check-ins to share updates with the company about their personal work, common themes that have appeared in other people's Check-ins, or to normalize dips in pulse or morale. 

Enable Check-ins without a direct manager

NOTE ✏️: Any account administrator can also help you change your account settings, allowing you to submit your own Check-in.

1. Click on the gear icon at the top right of your 15Five account. 


2. Select 'My settings'.


3. Find and check the 'Submit my own Check-in' box.


4. Click Save.


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