Manage groups by CSV import

If you have a large team or need to make a large number of group membership changes, you can use our option to make bulk group changes by uploading a CSV file with people's information. The email address field is the only required field; the other fields are optional. 

Use CSV import to bulk change groups

1. If you are making updates, we do suggest downloading a CSV of your company first.


2. Take the export (shown below) and remove all rows and columns that you do not wish to edit. In this case, remove all columns except for email and active_group_names.


3. You have two column header options for managing groups through bulk import. You only need to use one of the two. 

  • First option- active_group_names which requires that ALL groups new and existing must be included in the bulk import. If you leave out an existing group from this field, the person will be removed from that group.
  • Second option- add_to_groups which requires only new groups to be added in the field. The "add_to_groups" option only pertains to adding someone to a new group(s).




If you’d like to specify the group type as well, please include a tilde (~) in between the group type and group, for example, Departments~HR. This format works for 'add_to_groups', 'active_group_names', or 'remove_from_groups' fields.

4. After you have added in all group information, save the new CSV. Make sure the format is UTF-8.


5. Import the new CSV here by clicking Choose file.

6. Review all columns.


7. When you're ready for the import to begin, click the orange button Finish import.

8. Voilà! Group membership has been updated.

Special notes about imports

  • If you are referencing a group in your CSV file that has not been created, we will recognize that and create the group. 
  • If you remove a group in the CSV file under the "active_group_names" column, it will remove the person from that group.  
  • If this is your first time using 15Five and you are importing your team, here is a CSV file that will help you prepare your import.
  • If someone belongs to multiple groups, you can enter each group name separated by commas. For example: Sales, SF Team, Customer Success.


Now that your employees are in 15Five, check out our Getting Started Resources to help get them all up to speed and get the most out of 15Five.

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