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As a participant, you will be asked questions about your development, because research shows sharing your feelings and ideas greatly affects perceived fairness and motivates improved performance. Your self review should be completed before the self review deadline. This deadline will be listed in the 'Overview' tab of the review cycle. You can click on the link from your kick-off email to go directly to your self review. If you are already in app or aren't in your email, you can follow the steps below. Once your self review has been submitted, you manager can begin working on their manager review of you and your peers (if already nominated and accepted) can start writing their peer reviews of you.

If you are not a participant in a review cycle, you will not be asked to complete a self review. 



We include a self review for fairness because research shows active participation has a large effect on perceived fairness and motivation to improve, specifically for the sake of having one’s voice heard (sharing their feelings and ideas) rather than for the purpose of influencing the end result.

Complete your self review

1. Click on Best-Self Review® from the left navigation.


2. Click on the name of the cycle you need to work on. It will be under the 'Active review cycles' section.


3. Under 'Your review to-dos', you should see a Write self review button. Click on this button to begin your self review.


You can also get to your self review by clicking on the 'Write reviews' tab at the top of the cycle overview page.


4. Double check that you are completing your self review. Use the 'Reviews' section on the left of your review to confirm.


5. Fill out your review and use the resources at the bottom of your review to help you remember all of the great work you've done recently. 



6. Before you submit, notice the text that outlines next steps for your review. It is FYI only and should lay the foundation for what the next steps are in the review process.


7. Click Submit.




Your manager will be able to see your self review as soon as you submit it.

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