Complete an upward review of my manager

As the writer of an upward review, you will be asked questions about your manager’s performance and development. The goal of an upward review is to help your manager grow and develop into a better coach and leader with a highly engaged and high performing team. Upward reviews are a chance to share feedback about your manager's growth and development, as well as where you would like to see them grow. 

Upward review: process overview

In order to have a review cycle that is 360 degrees, you need to review your manager's performance. This is your time to offer constructive feedback to your manager; the goal is to help your manager grow in their leadership position. The questions selected by your review administrators will help guide your thought process during the upward review. 

  • You will only be asked to complete an upward review of your manager if your manager is a participant in the cycle.
  • From your cycle overview page, you will see the option to complete an upward review in your to-dos. This means your manager is participating in the cycle and is receiving upward reviews from their direct reports- YOU. Usually people complete the upward review after submitting their self review.
  • Complete your upward review by the upward review deadline and remember to submit. See the 'Overview' tab for the upward review deadline.
  • When you submit your upward review, your manager's manager will receive a notification. Your manager will not be notified of the submission and will not be able to see your review at this time.
  • Your manager's manager will review the upward review you submitted.
  • Depending on the review cycle's settings, your manager's manager may or may not be able to see your identity.
  • Depending on the review cycle's settings, your manager may not see your answers verbatim. For insight into who can see what, use the review transparency box on the left of your upward review page. 
  • Your upward review will not be shared with your manager until their manager shares the results. This usually is the very last step in the review cycle. 
  • Depending on the review cycle's settings, your manager may or may not be able to see your identity when the upward review is shared with them. 

Write an upward review of your manager

1. Click on Best-Self Review® from the left navigation.


2. Click on the name of the cycle you need to work on. It will be under the 'Active review cycles' section.


3. Under 'Your review to-dos', you should see a Write upward review button. Click on this button to begin your upward review.


You can also get to your upward review by clicking on the 'Write reviews' tab at the top of the cycle overview page.




If you do not see the ability to complete an upward review of your manager, it may be that the manager is not a participant in the review cycle. Reach out to your review or company admins to ensure they are indeed a participant in the cycle.

4. Double check that you are completing your upward review using the 'Reviews' section on the left of your review.


5. Also on the left side while viewing your upward review, you will be able to see if the review is anonymous or transparent; meaning can your manager see who wrote what or is your identity anonymous? You will also be notified here if your answers are hidden or are shared verbatim with your manager. 


6. Fill out your upward review and use the resources at the bottom of the review to remind yourself what your manager has been working on in recent months. 



7. Before you submit, notice the text that outlines next steps in the review process. It is FYI only and should lay the foundation for what is to come. 


8. When you're ready, click Submit.


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