Manage peer nominations for my direct report(s)

Peer reviews are where someone is asked and answers questions about their teammate's/co-worker's development. Peer reviews lead to increased performance, goal orientation, and a growth mindset! It is a win-win to recognize others and be recognized yourself. It is a win-win to recognize and be recognized. You, as a manager whose direct report is participating in the cycle, need to approve/deny nominations that your direct report has made, this article will walk you through how to do that. 



If participant initiated peer reviews are the route your company is taking for a review cycle, this article is for you. If the steps below do not seem to match what you are seeing in app, peer nominations are likely peer initiated for the cycle. For an outline of the difference between participant initiated and peer initiated reviews, see this article.

Peer nomination approval: process overview

  • Only your direct reports that are participants in the review cycle can have peer reviews written of them.
  • As a manager, it is likely that the first interaction you will have with your direct reports in a review cycle is during the peer nomination window.
  • Your direct reports nominated peers. You can also nominate peers on your direct report's behalf.
  • Once peers have been nominated, you will receive an email letting you know the ball is in your court. The next step is for you to approve or deny the nominations. We recommend only approving nominations who work closely with the direct report.
  • Depending on the review settings, any peer nomination that has not been rejected/approved by the manager approval deadline will be auto-approved. To update this auto-approval setting, reach out to a review admin to edit the settings, prior to the manager approval deadline.
  • You can monitor peer nominations for your team by clicking on the 'Peer nominations' tab for the cycle and then find the section 'My team'.
  • Peer nominations can be removed up until the peer accepts/declines the nomination. 
    • Can be removed by the participant if the nomination hasn't already been approved.
    • Can be removed by you if the nomination has already been approved.

Manage peer nominations for your team (including approve/deny)

1. Click on Best-Self Review® from the left navigation.


2. Click on the name of the cycle you need to work on. It will be under the 'Active review cycles' section.


3. Click on the 'Peer nominations' tab.


4. You will end up on the 'My team' tab. If not, click it.


5. Find the participant you would like to manage nominations for and click the blue arrow to the far right of their name. This will expand a list of all peers and statuses, including options to Approve or Deny the peer nomination.




Peers that are waiting on approval/denial will have a yellow ! mark and 'Awaiting your response' under Manager status.

6. Use the Deny or Approve options to manage peers for your direct reports.


7. If you do not need to make any changes to the nominated peers and would like to bulk approve all pending nominations, click the orange Approve all button.




Peers for your team can be removed up until the peer has accepted/declined the nomination. After the peer has taken action, you will no longer be able to manage that peer in app and need to reach out to

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