Complete manager reviews of my team

Managers will be asked questions about their direct report’s development because research shows manager feedback improves performance. A manager review is completed for each of your direct reports who is participating in the review cycle. You will be asked the same questions in the manager review that your direct report was asked on their self review. Asking both direct report and manager the same questions reduces bias and creates a fair performance review environment. 

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Manager review process overview

  • After your direct report has submitted their self review or after the self review window has passed, you will be able to submit your manager review of them.
  • You can draft up your manager review anytime. However, you cannot submit your manager review before your direct report submits their self review or the deadline for self reviews has passed.
  • Manager reviews become visible to the direct report once the manager decides to share the results. Manager reviews become visible to review administrators (and the direct report's hierarchy if the visibility setting is hierarchy) once submitted by the manager.
  • Following the manager review, you should begin scheduling final meetings with your direct reports. These meetings are where you will complete/update the Summary portion of the review.

Complete manager reviews for your team

1. Click on Best-Self Review® from the left navigation.


2. Click on the name of the cycle you need to work on. It will be under the 'Active review cycles' section.


3. Under 'Your review to-dos', you should see a Write manager review button. Click on this button to begin your manager review(s).


You can also get to your self review by clicking on the 'Write reviews' tab at the top of the cycle overview page.


Last but not least, you can use the filters on the 'Overview' page to view Participants and My team. Once viewing your team, you can click into anyone's reviews to see what reviews have been written and also write your manager review.


4. Double check that you are completing the manager review for the correct direct report using the 'Reviews' section on the left of your review.


5. You can also view the visibility details for the manager review on the left side of your review. 


6. Fill out your manager review and use the resources at the bottom of your review to help you remember all of the great work your direct reports have done recently. 




7. Before you submit, notice the text that outlines next steps for your review. It is FYI only and should lay the foundation for what is to come. 


8. Click Submit review or Submit & review next when you're ready.


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Private manager assessment

Also included in manager reviews is the 'Private manager assessment'. The 'Private manager assessment' piece of Manager reviews is only visible to the manager who completed the review and the review admins. Additionally, the 'Private manager assessment' includes future focused questions inspired by research from Deloitte and highlighted in the April 2015 HBR article, Reinventing Performance Management, by Marcus Buckingham and Ashley Goodall. Questions 1 - 3 are taken directly from Deloitte, question 4 has been adjusted and Question 5 is 15Five's addition.

Questions for the 'Private manager assessment' are managed by your review administrators from within the review question templates. 





The private manager assessment is only visible to you and review administrators. Additionally, the private manager assessment can be edited up until the summary has been finalized.

I submitted my manager reviews...what's next?

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