Remove a review answer from a participant's view

During the process of completing the review summary for a review cycle participant, it's important to make sure that feedback is appropriate, relevant, and constructive— because people need feedback that is actionable in order to create change! That said, there may be cases in which you want to remove answers given on manager, peer, or upward reviews. Alternatively, you may want to send an answer back to the review author for edits before you share answers with a review cycle participant.

These scenarios are only relevant if company review settings dictate that peer feedback or upward feedback is shared verbatim with review cycle participants. If peer and/or upward review feedback is hidden from the participant, review answers won't be shared verbatim with the participant even after sharing and finalizing review results. In the case that peer and/or upward feedback is hidden from participants, it is imperative that managers paraphrase and include the feedback in the summary notes.

Additionally, the option to remove feedback from a peer review is especially important if the review is peer initiated, since the peers are not chosen by the participant. 

In 15Five, managers, cycle collaborators, and review admins have the ability to remove or send feedback to review writers in varying degrees, depending on company review settings that were set before the review cycle was launched.

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You cannot edit peer or upward reviews you did not write. If you click the Allow editing button while reviewing a peer or upward review, the review will be sent back to the review writer for editing.



If you remove an answer from the participant's view, the review writer will be notified via email that their answer was removed. If you'd prefer for that email not to be sent out, any account administrator can disable the email in your company's notification settings.

Remove an answer from a peer or upward review or send an answer back to the review writer for edits

Access a review

  1. Click on Best-Self Review® In 15Five's main, left-hand navigation bar.
  2. Click on the name of the cycle you need to work on. It will be under the 'Active review cycles' section.
  3. You are now on the review cycle's 'Overview' page. Use the filters to pull up the review cycle participant you want to view review results for, or find them in the 'Cycle participants' section.
  4. Click the ... next to the participant whose peer or upward review you want to view, and then click View.
  5. Click on the 'Upward', 'Peer', or 'Manager' review tab— whichever applies.
  6. Next to the answer that you would like to remove, click the ... icon and choose whether you want to 1) Report to admin to remove from shared results, 2) Remove from shared results, or 3) Allow editing.

Report an answer to a review admin to remove it from shared results

Selecting Report to admin to remove from shared results will appear if you're a manager and review cycle settings are set up to not allow managers to remove feedback on their own. If you choose this option, review admin(s) will be notified that you requested the answer be removed. Answers removed from shared results will appear in a red-state with a notes that say "Awaiting approval from admin" and "Private to remove admins." Once a review admin approves the approval, the answer will still appear in shared results to review admins, but will be hidden from the review cycle participant when review results are shared with them.

Remove an answer from shared results

Selecting Remove from shared results will only appear if review cycle settings are set up to allow for your role to remove an answer. Selecting this option means that the answer will still be visible to review admins in review results, but will not be visible to the review cycle participant. Answers removed from shared results will appear in a red-state with a note that says "Private to remove admins."

When you remove someone's answer, they will receive an email notifying them. The email has the title "A [peer/upward/manager] review answer was removed by [person who removed the answer]" and looks like this:

Send a review back to the review author for editing

Selecting Allow editing will send the review writer's review back to them for editing. All of their review answers will be removed from shared results immediately, and will not reappear until they re-submit the review. Once you select this option, the review writer will receive an in-app notification and an email informing them that their review was re-opened for editing.
The email has the title "You review is available for editing" and looks like this:
The in-app notification looks like this when a person clicks on the 'notification' icon at the top of their 15Five account:

And looks like this if the review writer clicks into the notification:

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