Remove or edit feedback from a peer or upward review

There are cases when you, as a manager, will want to remove answers from a peer or upward review written about one of your direct reports—whether the feedback be inappropriate, irrelevant, or not constructive. 15Five gives managers and/or review administrators this ability if the setting is enabled for the cycle.

Depending on the review settings that were selected by review administrators before the cycle began, you will be able to either 1) remove an answer from the review on your own, 2) send the answer back to the person who wrote it for editing, or 3) send the answer to a review administrator to have it removed. The option to remove feedback from a peer review is especially important if the review is peer initiated, since the peers are not chosen by the participant. Upward review feedback is also important to review, as managers need feedback that is actionable in order to create change.

If peer and/or upward review feedback is hidden from the participant, removing answers isn't applicable. The hidden feedback will never be shared verbatim with the participant, even after sharing and finalizing. In the case that peer and/or upward feedback is hidden from the participant, it is imperative that managers paraphrase and include the feedback in the summary notes.



You, as the manager are not able to edit peer or upward reviews you did not write. If you click the Allow editing button while reviewing a peer or upward review, the review will be sent back to the review writer for editing.



If you remove an answer from the participant's view, the review writer will be notified via email that their answer was removed. If you'd prefer for that email not to be sent out, any account administrator can disable the email in your company's notification settings. If you're a manager and also an account administrator, you can do this on your own. Simply scroll down to the 'Best-Self Review® notifications' section and uncheck 'Updates to review answers' under Activity updates.

Remove an answer from a peer or upward review (written about your direct report)



Are you a review administrators that would like to remove feedback? See this article. If you're a review administrator and want information on how to hide peer/upward reviews from participants in full, see this article

1. Click on Best-Self Review® from the left navigation.


2. Click on the name of the cycle you need to work on. It will be under the 'Active review cycles' section.


4. From the 'Overview' tab, you will see a filter with options Me, My team, My hierarchy, and Everyone. If you do not have visibility through drill-down (depends on cycle settings), you will not see My hierarchy. If you are not a review administrator, you will not see Everyone.


5. If you do not want to filter by your team or a specific person, you can scroll down to the 'Cycle Participants' section of the page. 


6. Click the ... next to the participant whose peer or upward review you want to view, and then click View.


7. Click on the 'Upward' or 'Peer' review tab, whichever applies.


8. Next to the answer that you would like to remove, click the ... icon and choose whether you would 1- like to have a review administrator remove the answer, or 2- like to send the review back to the review writer for editing.

If you choose option 1, your review administrator(s) will be notified of the flagged answer and can remove it.


If review settings allow, you will see a Remove from shared results option. Clicking this option will remove the answer without intervention from a review administrator.


If you do not see these options, contact one of your account administrators to check the cycle settings.  



After reporting an answer to review administrators, the review administrators will receive an email and can choose to remove the answer from the review. If removed, the answer will still be visible to review administrators via the peer/upward review tab. 

For example: Bob's answer on his peer review of Kathy was reported by Kathy's manager. The review administrators choose to remove Bob's answer. The review administrators can still see Bob's original answer on his peer review of Kathy, but the answer is not visible to Bob. Bob's answer will not appear at all, for anyone, on the review summary.

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