Assign key results to others

15Five makes it easy to collaborate with others on objectives by giving you to option to assign key results to individuals besides the objective's owner. In this article, you will learn how to assign a key result to someone besides yourself during the process of creating an objective. If you want to assign a key result to someone in an objective that's already been created, please refer to our "Edit an objective" article.

Access and availability

⛔️ Required access to Objectives.
👥 This article is relevant to all roles.
📦 This feature is available in the Perform, Legacy Focus, and Total Platform pricing packages.

Assign a key result to someone else

  1. Click on Objectives in 15Five's main, left-hand navigation.
  2. You will land on the 'All objectives' page. From here, click Create a new objective.
  3. Fill out all fields before moving to the key results section. For more information about how to complete this step, see our "Create an objective" article.
  4. Create key results to measure your objective. To assign a key result to someone else, click the arrow next to the Owner field and select the desired owner from the list.


    You cannot assign a key result to more than one person.

  5. Finish filling out all other fields. If editing an existing objective, ensure all fields are correct before saving the updates.
  6. When you're done, click the Create objective button. The objective can now be seen on the Objectives dashboard. If your organization uses 15Five's Check-ins feature, the objective will also appear in the Check-ins of the objective owner and any key result owners.

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