Allow your direct report to edit their Check-in

As a reviewer, your direct report needs to edit their already submitted and, possibly, already reviewed Check-in. They might have left off a comment that they meant to leave or maybe they simply need to edit an answer. How do you allow them access to edit their Check-in? This article will walk you through the steps you should take to allow your direct report(s) editing access.

Reporters are responsible for requesting edit access from their reviewer—that's you. Once a reporter has requested to edit their Check-in, you will be notified via email and in-app notification. As a reviewer, you can allow editing access by clicking on the Allow editing button to the right of the requested Check-in. 

Allow a direct report to edit their Check-in

1. Click on Check-ins from the left navigation. 


2. Click on the 'Team Check-ins' tab.


3. Find the direct report whose check-in needs to be reopened for editing and click ... and View Check-in to open the Check-in and allow editing. 


4. Click on the Allow editing button on the right side of the Check-in. 


5. You're all done! A notification will be sent to your direct report notifying them that they can now edit their Check-in. The Check-in will not be visible to you again until the direct report resubmits. 

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