Interact with Question preview

The 'Question preview' page allows you to see a list of all questions that appear or will appear on a person's Check-in for a specific reporting period. With Question preview, you can make sure the right people are seeing the right questions and manage all Check-in questions with ease.



Question preview shows you questions only and does not include Pulse, Objectives, or High Fives sections.



Question preview is visible to account administrators and reviewers. Account administrators can check anyone's questions and reviewers can only check the questions of the people in their hierarchy. Just because account administrators can see what questions are being asked does not mean they can see how people answered the questions.

View and manage upcoming Check-in questions per person

1. Click on the "Settings" menu in the top right corner of 15Five.


2. Select "Check-in questions" from the dropdown.


3. In the top navigation bar, click on 'Question Preview'.


4. Use the drop-down menu to find the person whose questions you want to check out.


5. Use the date filter to select the Check-in reporting period that you want to look at.


OR click on Current Check-in at any time to be taken to the person's current Check-in. 




We only show current and future Check-ins in the date filter.

6. Show question details allows you to see more details about each question including the type of question.  


7. You are now viewing the questions for the person according to the date you selected. 


8. If you'd like to edit, deactivate, or delete a question, you can do so from the 'Question preview' page by clicking the ... to the right of a question.





Any submitted Check-ins with the question included will not be affected by editing, deactivating, or deleting. We suggest never deleting a question unless it has not been answered by anyone. Deleting a question removes it from appearing in Reporting. If you edit a question after someone has submitted their Check-in, the question will not be updated for them.


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