Check-ins: Priorities dashboard & reports

Ever wondered how priorities are being used across your company? Or how many people are carrying their priorities over week after week? The Priorities dashboard shows the trend of both the percentage of priorities completed and the percentage of priorities carried over. These priorities are pulled from submitted Check-ins, and do not pull in draft data or priorities that are not actively being worked on for the current Check-in period. In other words, since the current priorities are still technically in draft form until the Check-in is submitted, you cannot report on them until the following Check-in period.



Account administrators can see all metric data. Account administrators can see content for only those people whose Check-ins they have permission view. Reviewers can see metric data and content for only those people whose Check-ins they have permission to view.

Priorities dashboard

The Priorities dashboard contains a visual representation of completed vs carried over priorities, as well as individual and group metrics. 


Priorities report: Answers

As with Custom reports for Priorities, we display the details on each individuals priorities plus the submitted status, complete/not complete. You can filter these priorities by time frame, people, groups, reporting frequency, and/or priority status to find exactly what you're looking for. To get to this report, click on See all priorities under your 'Priorities completed' graph. 


Priorities report: Metrics

To accompany the Priorities dashboard, we have a metrics report that allows you to dive deeper into the usage data of Priorities.To get to these metrics reports, click on See individual metrics or See group metrics at the bottom of your Priorities dashboard. Here are the columns we provide in this new report:

  • Name
  • Reviewer
  • Priority completion rate: The percent of priorities marked as complete and submitted during the time period selected.
  • Carry over rate: The percent of priorities that were left incomplete and carried over after submission to the next reporting period during the time period selected.
  • Avg priorities per Check-in: The average number of priorities for all the submitted Check-ins during the selected period of time.
  • Check-ins submitted: The number of submitted Check-ins out of the number of created Check-ins for the individual or group during the selected time period. 
  • Check-ins reviewed: The number of Check-ins reviewed out of the number of Check-ins submitted for the individual or group during the selected time period. 
  • Due day: The day of the week that the individual’s Check-in is due (not available on group view).
  • Reporting frequency: The frequency in which an individual is required to fill out a Check-in (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly).
  • Avg pulse: The average pulse of the individual or members of the group based on the submitted Check-ins due within the selected time frame. 
  • Last seen: The last time the individual was active in 15Five (not available on group view).


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