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After you set up the 15Five + Salesforce integration, employees within your organization can link their key result(s) to Salesforce reports. Linking key results with Salesforce reports allows key results to be automatically updated in 15Five as progress is made in Salesforce; ultimately, saving you time! Once the Salesforce integration is enabled for your company, there will be a 'Link to' option when creating an objective (see below) or adding key results to an existing objective. 

Key results should be concrete, specific, and measurable. They should describe how you will accomplish the objective and measure whether you are on track, behind, or at risk of achieving that objective.

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People do not need to log into Salesforce (additionally) with their own credentials to get the integration to work. As long as the integration is enabled for your company, the option to link will exist. You must be a direct manager or account administrator to create questions. 

Link a key result to Salesforce

  1. Go to the Objectives Dashboard by clicking Objectives in 15Five's main, left-hand navigation.
  2. If you haven't yet created the objective you want to link key results for, create a new objective.
    Or, if the objective already exists, search for it and open the objective for editing.
  3. As you're creating or editing a key result, you will see a Link to option to the right of the key result field. Click the drop-down and select 'Salesforce' from the dropdown menu.
  4. After clicking 'Salesforce', a drawer will open up on the right of your screen. From there, search for the Salesforce report that should be tracked via the key result and click on it. The report must be public to be linked. If you're not familiar with Salesforce reports, check out the "Introduction to Reports and Dashboards" Help Center article from Salesforce.
  5. Select the value you want to use to track the key result. The aggregate value has to be defined in the Salesforce report in order to work with the integration.
  6. When you're done, click Link Salesforce report.
  7. Now, back to editing or creating the objective. You'll notice that you can select and edit metrics for the key result in 15Five. Metric options for measuring key results that are linked to Salesforce include: Percentage (%), Dollar Amount ($), and Numerical Value (#).
  8. Finish creating/editing the objective and let 15Five + Salesforce do the rest. 

I linked my key results to Salesforce...what happens now?

As updates are made in Salesforce, 15Five will also update. 15Five syncs updates hourly, but manual syncs can also be forced by an account administrator from the Salesforce Integration page in 15Five.

Key result progress is based on the value and metrics you selected.

Edit key results after initial linking

Objectives and key results can be edited anytime after creation. When editing a key result that is linked to Salesforce, there are two options to the right of the key result: Unlink report or Edit.


Existing objectives can be edited to include new, linked key results. Simply edit the objective and create a new, linked key result by clicking Add another key result. Of course, delete any prior key results that are now covered/duplicated.

Convert a key result to a child objective

If the objective owner or key result owner tries to convert a linked key result to a child objective, they will see an alert notifying them that converting the key result to a child objective will remove the linked Salesforce report. To unlink the key result and change it to a child objective, click Yes, convert key result.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: To set up the integration, what permissions do I need to have?
    A: You must be both a 15Five account administrator and a Salesforce administrator.
  • Q: Can we limit the integration to only be on for certain groups?
    A: No— it is all or nothing. Whether people use it or not is their choice.
  • Q: Can I update my key result's current value manually through 15Five? Or can I update my current value in 15Five and have it update Salesforce?
    A: When a key result is linked to a Salesforce issue, all updates/progress must be made in Salesforce.
  • Q: Can I edit a key result that is linked to Salesforce?
    A: Yes. When selecting the edit button, an alert will appear that says, "Any changes made may affect current key result values."
  • Q: What happens to the Salesforce link when a key result is converted to a child objective?
    A: If you convert a key result to a child objective, the link with Salesforce will be severed. An alert will appear notifying you that converting the key result to a child objective will remove the linked Salesforce report. To unlink the key result and change it to a child objective, click Yes, convert key result.
  • Q: When does 15Five sync with Salesforce?
    A: Every hour at the top of the hour. There is also an option for account administrators to manually sync via the Salesforce Integration page in 15Five.
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