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The Gusto <> 15Five API integration allows you to provision users and pass employee data from Gusto to 15Five. You also have the option to sync performance data from 15Five to Gusto.



The 15Five <> Gusto integration is available for all Gusto customers. The auto-provisioning functionality is available to Gusto customers on the Complete or Concierge tiers. 

What you’ll find in this article:

Gusto also has a Help Center article walking you through integrating Gusto + 15Five, as well as a video that walks through the set up process.

Integration overview


  • Provision Gusto accounts in 15Five
  • Match existing 15Five users to Gusto accounts
  • Sync employee data from Gusto to 15Five
  • Add users to groups in 15Five
  • Sync performance data from 15Five to Gusto

API data fields transferred

Gusto field 15Five field
First name (chosen first name is used if set up in Gusto) First name
Last name Last name
Job title Title
Work address Email
Manager Direct manager
Department Group

Set up the integration in 15Five

Enable the Public API

  1. Click on the Settings gear in top right-hand corner of 15Five.
  2. Select 'Features' from the dropdown menu.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click 'Integrations'.
  4. Click Enable to the right of the Public API option.
  5. You'll land on the 'Company API keys' page.

Generate an API key

  1. On the 'Company API keys' page, click the Create new key button.
  2. Add in a short name for your API key. This name can be anything; typically it's a name that is easily identifiable from your server-side (for example, "Gusto API key"). Do not check the box next “Limit access to High Fives only.”
  3. Click Save.
  4. You will be directed back to the 'Company API keys' page, where you will see the new API key and access token. Copy the API key so you can add it in Gusto – save it somewhere safe in the meantime.


A Public API key is 32 characters long- not to be confused with a SCIM key, which is 30 characters long.



The endpoint for your API, assuming you do not have a unique subdomain in 15Five, is

Complete integration setup in Gusto

Enter your API key into Gusto

  1. Sign in to your Gusto admin account.
  2. Navigate to 'App Directory' on the left hand side of your dashboard and select 15Five (located under 'Performance').
  3. Click Connect.
  4. Copy and paste your API key from 15Five into the modal and click Continue to setup.

Match accounts in Gusto to 15Five

  1. Match each employee’s Gusto and 15Five accounts by clicking Select an option next to their name. 
    • Add as a new employee creates a new Gusto profile for the employee and lets you add them to payroll. 
    • Don’t match in Gusto excludes that person from the integration. Their 15Five access and data won’t be affected.
    • Match with existing Gusto account lets you select the Gusto profile to match with their 15Five account. 
  2. After making your selection, click Match accounts.

Your 15Five and Gusto accounts are now connected and syncing.

Provision a new hire’s 15Five account from Gusto

  1. Navigate to the 'Hiring' tab in Gusto.
  2. Click Hire a new person.
  3. Click Employee and then check the box to send an offer letter, if you’re using Gusto for that process. Then, click Continue.
  4. Complete the employee profile and select Save & continue.
  5. Navigate to 'Create [employee name] software accounts' and click Start to the far right. Create_Vincent_s_software_accounts.jpg
  6. Review the current apps available to this employee and click Save & continue.
  7. Make sure the box is checked for 15Five and select Save & continue.
  8. Review the details on the below page and click Create accounts.



For employees with hire dates in the past, the 15Five enrollment email will be sent to the employee immediately. For employees with hire dates in the future, the email will be sent on their hire date.

Disable syncing from Gusto to 15Five

If you no longer want an employee to sync from Gusto to 15Five, you can unmatch their accounts within Gusto using the following steps. This will not deactivate the individual in Gusto or remove them from anything other than the 15Five syncs.

  1. In Gusto, navigate to App directory→ Connected apps.
  2. Select '15Five'.
  3. Click Match accounts.
  4. Select the dropdown next to the employee’s name and click the Unmatch account option. It is important to note the difference between unmatching an account vs. deleting an account. Deleting an account will remove an employee's account and access to 15Five.Luna_Lovegood.jpg
  5. Click Match accounts once more.
  6. All done! The employee will no longer be included in syncs from Gusto to 15Five. 

Deprovision 15Five accounts in Gusto

Deprovision accounts with a Gusto termination

If you are terminating an employee that has a 15Five account, you’ll be able to remove their access to 15Five as part of the Gusto termination. 

  1. In Gusto, navigate to the 'People' tab and select the employee you want to dismiss.
  2. Find the 'Actions' section and click Start employee dismissal.Actions.jpg
  3. Complete the dismissal details and click Save & continue.
  4. Uncheck the box for 15Five to have it removed from the employee and click Save & continue.
  5. You’ll see a confirmation page summarizing the details of the termination and the removal from 15Five. Click Dismiss employee.
  6. You’ll see a confirmation screen confirming the dismissal.

Deprovision accounts without a Gusto termination

  1. In Gusto, navigate to Settings→ Integrations→ Connected apps.
  2. Select '15Five'.
  3. Click the three dots under the 'Action' column next to the employee you’d like to unmatch.
  4. Click Remove account.
  5. Review the pop up modal before clicking Remove.
  6. The individual will no longer have access to 15Five. 

Disconnect the integration

If you wish to discontinue any and all employee data syncing between Gusto and 15Five, essentially disconnecting the integration, you can disable it in the 'Settings' menu in Gusto.

  1. In Gusto, find the 15Five integration page and click to open the 'Settings' tab.Integrations__15Five.jpg
  2. Click on the edit button to the right of the 'Data settings' option. Then uncheck the 'Basic employee information' box and click Update settings.
  3. The Gusto <> 15Five integration will be immediately disconnected, and will no longer sync any employee data. 
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