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Calibrations in 15Five make it easy for contributors to see the distribution of private manager assessment ratings across team managers and adjust those ratings in real-time to ensure a more fair and equitable review cycle. Any time after a Best-Self Review® cycle becomes active, review administrators can start creating calibration sessions— that is, creating the framework to hold calibration sessions once manager reviews are submitted. If you've already outlined who the contributors are and whose results will be calibrated in a session ahead of time, there will be more time to actually hold the sessions during the calibrations window (the time between the 'Manager reviews due by' date and the 'Calibrations due by' date).

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Prepare to create calibration sessions

Before you create calibration sessions, there are some important things to consider:

  • How do you want to organize the sessions? There isn't a limit to how many calibration sessions you can create, so you must decide how you want to organize the sessions: by department? By manager? By role or level? Or company-wide? Who is included and how many sessions you want to have is totally up to you. Just keep in mind that the more sessions you create, the more time you'll need.
  • Who should the contributors for the session be? Contributors are usually managers, skip level managers, leadership, and/or HR. Review admins and cycle collaborators are not added as contributors by default, and must be appointed as so if you want them to have the ability to edit answers in a calibration session. Contributors can view calibration sessions that they are contributors for, including all private manager assessment answers for the participants included in the session. Contributor's own information will be excluded from the session—meaning their PMA answers will not appear in the session(s) they are contributors for (unless visibility into the Private Manager Assessment was granted to participants when the review admin created the review cycle). In addition to viewing, contributors have access to change PMA answers for people, tag other people who can view the calibration session, and comment on calibration sessions. Anyone can be a contributor.
  • Visibility of calibration sessions: Contributors for a specific calibration session can see into that calibration session only. Review administrators have visibility into all calibration sessions, but cannot see their own private manager assessment answers in the session unless visibility into the Private Manager Assessment was granted to participants when the review admin created the review cycle. 

Once you know who should be included and who the contributors should be, you can create the sessions.

Create a calibration session

  1. Click on Best-Self Review® in 15Five's man, left-hand navigation.
  2. Click on the name of the review cycle you want to create a calibration session in.
  3. Open the 'Calibrations' tab.
  4. Click Create calibration session.
  5. Name the session. Choose a name that will make it easy for you to remember who was included in the session. For example, "Design ICs for Q2 2021".
  6. Select the contributors for the session. You must select at least one contributor. Try 3-5 contributors depending on the number of people whose results you are calibrating.
  7. Choose whose private manager assessment results will be calibrated in the session. You can select to include by group or exclude by people or groups.
  8. Click Create session.

What happens next?

  • As manager reviews are submitted, calibration sessions will populate with the private manager assessment answers. Managers can edit their private manager assessment answers until the 'Manager reviews due by' date, which managers can see in the 'Review details' box that appears on the left-hand side of any manager review.
  • It is important that managers submit their manager reviews before the due-by date, so that calibrations stay on track. Once the 'Manager reviews due by' date has passed, managers will no longer be able to edit any private manager assessment answers and calibration sessions can begin. Check out our "Hold a calibration session" Help Center article for next steps.
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