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The paid 15Five <> ADP integration allows your organization to automatically sync employee data and performance/OKR data between ADP Workforce Now (ADP) and 15Five. A flexible one-way or two-way integration, it can be configured with minimal IT resources.

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Integration capabilities

One-way V Two-way integration

You can purchase either one-way or two-way versions of the integration between 15Five and ADP. Please refer to the ADP Marketplace for pricing information.

The one-way version allows you to sync employee data directly from ADP into 15Five. The two-way integrations have the same capabilities as the one-way integration, but also gives you the option to sync either 1) Best-Self Review® or 2) Best-Self Review® and Objectives data from 15Five into ADP.

Automatically sync employee data from ADP into 15Five

With either the one-way or two-way integration, you can easily sync the following employee attributes from ADP into 15Five:

  • External ID
  • Email
  • Job Title
  • Name
  • Preferred Name
  • Status
  • Gender
  • Start Date
  • Birthdate
  • Department
  • Manager ID & Email
  • Phone number
  • Custom Fields
  • Location
  • Hire date
  • Race
  • Pay Rate
  • Ethnicity

After your team has purchased the 15Five <> ADP integration, a member of 15Five’s Implementation Team will assist you in managing which of these fields will be transferred from ADP into 15Five. Please refer to the ‘Customize and deploy this integration’ section of this article for more information.

Sync performance and OKR data from 15Five into ADP

The two-way 15Five <> ADP integration allows you to sync all the employee data mentioned in the last section, as well as sync employee data from 15Five's Best-Self Review® and Objectives features into custom fields in ADP.

The following Best-Self Review® data can be synced to ADP: Review questions, answers, and ratings. Please note that only Best-Self Review® answers and scores that are numerical or have yes/no answers can be synced from 15Five into ADP (for example, final performance ratings and answers to Private Manager Assessments from manager reviews).

The following Objectives and Key Results can be synced to ADP: Objective names and completion percentages.


After setup, 15Five will appear as an app in your team's ADP app catalogues. Here, individuals will have the ability to log directly into 15Five via SSO, making it easy to move from one platform to the other.

Enable and purchase the integration

[In 15Five] Enable the ADP integration and access your verification code



You must be an account admin in 15Five to purchase and set up the ADP <> 15Five integration. Only the person who purchases the integration can provide data consent.

  1. Click on the 'Settings' gear menu in the top right-hand corner of your 15Five account.
    Open Settings.png
  2. Select 'Integrations' from the dropdown menu.
  3. Click Enable next to ADP.
  4. You’ll be directed to the ADP ‘Setup’ tab. Copy the ADP verification code. Save this code, as you will be prompted to enter it once you’ve purchased the 15Five <> ADP integration from ADP’s Marketplace.

[In ADP Marketplace] Purchase the integration



Only ADP admin practitioners have purchasing power.

Before setting up the 15Five <> ADP integration, you must first purchase a turnkey ADP connector from the ADP Marketplace. Please refer to the ADP Marketplace for pricing information. The entire cost of the integration are pass-through costs, and 15Five does not receive any cut of this sum.

You can purchase the integration by following the steps below:

  1. Go to ADP Marketplace and search for ‘15Five’.
  2. Select the version of the 15Five you want to purchase (either one-way, two-way with performance data, or two-way with performance and OKR data).
  3. Enter your verification code from 15Five, then click Continue to validate.
  4. You’ll be directed to the ‘Confirm Order’ page. Enter your payment information, then check the box to confirm that you’ve read and agree to Terms of Service and click Place Order. You will receive an email from ADP confirming that your order subscription has been completed. On this page, you should also copy and save the listing credentials code for the integration. Reason being, you will need to share this code with your assigned 15Five Implementation Manager during the integration implementation process.
  5. Click on Go to MyApps.

  6. From the Applications page, click into the 15Five app.

  7. Click Allow on the Client Authorization page.

  8. You’ll be redirected into your 15Five account.

Customize and deploy the integration

Meet your assigned 15Five Implementation Manager

Once you've purchased the integration, your 15Five Customer Success Manager will connect you via email with a member of 15Five's Implementation Team. Your assigned Implementation Manager will work with you to set up the integration, as well as serve as your go-to for questions you may have about the integration moving forward.

Create custom fields and groups in ADP & send to your Implementation Manager

Before your integration implementation call, you must create the custom fields and custom groups you want to map and send from ADP to 15Five, then send these fields to your assigned Implementation Manager. You can create up to 10 custom attributes and 5 custom groups.

It's not necessary to create custom fields or groups for any of the employee attributes listed in the "Automatically sync employee data from ADP into 15Five" section of this article, or any of the following organization-specific standard ADP fields, as you will have the option to carry any of these fields over as groups or attributes during the integration implementation call: Business Unit Code, Business Unit Name, Company Code, Cost Center, Cost Center Name, Department Code, Department Name, EEOC, FSLA, Full Time Part Time, Job Class, Job Code, Job Title, Location Code, Location Name, NAICS, Pay Cycle, Pay Frequency, Pay Grade, Payroll Group Code, Pay Type, Standard Hours, Status, Worker Type Category, Worker Type Code. 

Attend an implementation setup call

Once your assigned Implementation Manager receives your custom fields/groups and listing credentials code, they will complete a preliminary setup of your ADP integration and schedule a call with you to discuss your organization's preferences for data mapping (i.e. what fields you want synced between 15Five and ADP) and syncing frequency. Once your desired integration settings are in place, your assigned Implementation Manager will work with you to turn on the integration and invite your team from ADP into 15Five (if applicable).

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