Roles and permissions in Engagement

There are two kinds of access in Engagement: 1) role and 2) results access level. Employees can be given access to Engagement as an employee, leader, Organization Admin, or Engagement Admin. They can also be granted full, limited, or no results access.

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Roles in Engagement


  • Employee: Default role for all added employees with no access to Engagement software.
  • Leader: Has access to view assessment results, feedback, actions, and coaching sessions
  • Organization Admin: Has the same permissions as leaders, plus the ability to access the settings section for employee/group management, assessment settings, and file attachments. Organization Admins can also be added to sessions to be able to view and schedule those events.
  • Engagement Admin (formerly called Account Owner): A single user who has all the same access as an Organization Admin, but is also the default owner of all Timeline Events and is the only* user who can schedule Engagement Assessments and assign coaching sessions. The current Engagement Admin can reassign their access to another user if someone else in the organization should schedule and confirm assessments.


The system requires a single person to be the Engagement Admin. This is to avoid unexpected delivery of the assessment to your employee base. Having multiple people responsible for confirming the engagement assessment can lead to confusion and mistakes. Read below how to reassign the Engagement Admin role if needed. 

Results Access levels


You can assign one of the following Results Access levels to people with either leader or organization admin permissions.

  • Full Access: Employees with full access will see assessment results, feedback, and actions for the entire organization.
  • Limited Access: Employees with limited access will only see assessment results, feedback, and actions for the groups they have access to. To give a user limited access, select that level and choose the groups they should be able to view.
  • None: Employees with no access can manage employee and group data, but cannot see results.

Reassign an Engagement Admin

The Engagement Admin role can be reassigned to another leader by the existing Engagement Admin (who will then automatically be changed to an Organization Admin).

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