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This article is no longer accurate and will be archived in Q3 2023. Please refer to our "Configure Engagement feature settings" article for updated information on customizing survey terminology.

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In 15Five engagement surveys, we use the terms company, leaders, coworkers, work group, manager, and employees by default— but we know that some organizations use different terminology internally. To help get accurate feedback from your employees, we give you the ability to substitute these key terms to align with the wording used in your organization. This article walks through how to customize the terminology that appears in engagement surveys.

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Manage survey terminology settings

  1. Click Engagement in 15Five's main, left-hand navigation.
  2. You'll be redirected to 15Five's Engage tool. From here, click on the Settings gear in the left-hand navigation.
  3. Click 'Assessment Settings' in the expanded 'Settings' navigation bar.
  4. Click the arrow next to 'Survey terminology' to expand options.


Using different terminology will change the meaning of some survey statements, so you may see unexpected score shifts. For example, if you change the term "manager" to "immediate supervisor," employees may respond differently to those questions than they did on previous surveys. The results will be more accurate and more actionable because the terms are clear to employees, but will take one survey to see those changes balance out in results.

Survey statement examples

To help you determine the right terms for your survey, we've included the survey statements associated with each substitution option below. If you have any questions or are unsure about what terminology is best for your organization, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or our Support Team at

Survey Word: Organization

Substitution Options:

  • organization (default)
  • organization name (i.e. Cobalt Corp)
  • company
  • College
  • farm
  • firm

Engage survey statements:

  • I have a good idea of what this {organization} is trying to accomplish.
  • I have opportunities to increase my influence in the {organization.}
  • I know why this {organization} exists.
  • I understand how my role fits into the purpose of the {organization.}
  • Overall I feel this {organization} is just and fair in the way it treats and rewards employees.
  • There is a great support system at this {organization} that helps me achieve my work goals.

Survey Word: Leaders

This is intended to represent top-level leadership in the organization.

Substitution Options:

  • leaders (default)
  • executive team
  • owners
  • leadership team
  • ELT
  • SLT
  • EMT
  • executive leadership team
  • senior leadership team
  • executive management team
  • senior management team
  • local leadership
  • systems office leadership
  • executive committee members
  • executive team members
  • C-Team
  • C-suite leaders
  • C-level leaders
  • C-team leaders

Engage survey statements:

  • The {leaders} in this organization follow through with what they say they are going to do.
  • The {leaders} of this organization are often connecting with people at work.
Survey Word: Coworkers

Substitution Options:

  • coworkers (default)
  • colleagues
  • peers
  • teammates

Engage survey statements:

  • My {coworkers} value my input.
  • I have shared work values with my {coworkers}.
Survey Word: Work Group

Substitution Options:

  • work group (default)
  • team
  • department
  • pod

Engage survey statement:

  • I feel a shared sense of purpose with my {work group.}

Survey Word: Manager

This is intended to represent an employee's direct manager.

Substitution Options:

  • manager (default)
  • supervisor
  • director
  • boss
  • immediate manager
  • immediate supervisor
  • immediate boss
  • Division Leader/Manager
  • immediate supervisor/manager
  • Immediate leader

Engage survey statements:

  • My {manager} treats me fairly in the way they interact with me.
  • My {manager} helps me develop confidence in my own ability to do my job well.
Survey Word: Employees

Substitution Options:

  • employees (default)
  • agents
  • contractors
  • employee-owners
  • agents/employees
  • associates
  • team members

Engage survey statements:

  • Overall I feel this organization is just and fair in the way it treats and rewards {employees.}
  • The leaders of this organization make themselves available for the {employees}.
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