FAQ: Why an employee didn't receive a survey email

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This article is no longer accurate and will be archived in Q3 2023. Please refer to our "Notifications sent out before, during, and after an engagement campaign" article for updated information on Engagement-specific notifications.

There are a few instances when an employee will not receive an invite to complete a survey.

1️⃣ The employee wasn't added to the employee list

It is possible the employee wasn't included in the campaign because they weren't in the system. Go to the employee list and check for them by searching or scanning the list

2️⃣ The employee has been deactivated or is not receiving surveys

An employee who is in the active employee list might still not receive the survey if their setting to receive surveys is not set to "Yes"

3️⃣ Their email or phone number was not correct in our database.

To correct this, go to the employee list and update the information for the employee in question.

4️⃣ The notifications for the engagement survey was routed to their junk or spam folder.

Have employees check both junk and spam to make sure their survey invite was not hidden by mistake and ensure you have properly set up IP and domain whitelisting

If you still have concerns, contact support@15five.com for additional support.

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