Action Dashboard

The Action Dashboard includes the following sections to help plan and review actions within the organization:


The Action Overview section reports on action progress in the organization. The graph displays:

  • Count of total leaders with Insights access
  • Number of leaders that have logged in to view results
  • Total leaders that have logged an action

By clicking on the key at the bottom of the graph, leaders can toggle the data to display for the current quarter or all time.

The Action Overview also displays data on the results of previous actions. This includes:

  • Total actions logged for the last survey
  • Number of groups that saw a score increase in the driver they acted on
  • Average driver score increase from last survey's actions


My Actions


My Actions lists open and completed actions that you have created. The Open Actions tab includes two sections, actions based on data from the current survey and actions associated with data from previous surveys.

When an action is finished, you can expand the row and select the option to View Action Plan to complete the action. Once an action has been completed, it is listed in the Completed Actions section. Completed Actions are sorted by survey date.

All Actions


All Actions displays actions created by other leaders in the organization and displays open and completed actions:

  • Full Access Leaders- Can view all actions created by all leaders
  • Limited Access Leaders- Can view actions created by leaders in the groups they have access to

Open Actions includes two sections, open actions associated with data from the current survey and open actions related to data from previous surveys.

The Completed Actions tab displays completed actions sorted by survey date.



If your organization has participated in 15Five's Coaching Services, the Coaching section will be available to Full Access Leaders.

Coaching includes a summary of coaching results including:

  • Total Coaching Sessions - The number of coaching sessions completed by Coaches.
  • Actions Logged - The number of action plans created by leaders who had a coaching session.
  • Average Value Rating - The average value rating that coaching participants gave their coaching session.

The Coaching Log displays a list of leaders who received coaching along with the date of the coaching session, the Coach who led the session, and the value rating given to the coaching session.

Action Plan


Leaders can review the details of any action plan by expanding the row in the action list and selecting the option to View Action Plan.

The Action Plan includes the following information:

  • Coaching Session Notes (if available) - Summary recap of the coaching session from the Coach.
  • Action Plan Details - Targeted driver, action selected, targeted group, and created date.
  • Score Details - Targeted driver data and Engagement Score data.

From the Action Plan, leaders can Complete, Edit, or Delete an action.

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