View Dynamic Feedback for an engagement campaign

As participants fill out their engagement campaigns, they have the option to provide open-ended, written feedback for some questions— we call this "Dynamic Feedback." In this article, we'll walk through the process of viewing Dynamic Feedback, which you can use as qualitative data alongside quantitative engagement data to analyze results. We also cover the process that should be used in the case that inappropriate feedback needs to be removed from results.

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Access and availability

⛔️ Required access to Engagement results.
👥 This article is relevant to Engagement admins and any individual with results access.
📦 This feature is available in the Engage, Legacy Perform, and Total Platform pricing packages.

Dynamic Feedback Overview

At the end of an engagement survey, participants are asked one of two engagement driver-related questions based on their results.

  • If a survey participant responded with more disagreement to a driver, they'll be asked to provide recommendations to improve that driver: "We noticed you rated the following statements lower than other statements. What recommendations do you have on what [Organization] should start or stop doing?"
  • If a survey participant responded positively to all drivers, they'll be asked about the driver they had the most agreement with to see what they would like to see the organization keep doing in that area: "We noticed you rated the following statements higher than other statements. What recommendations do you have on what [Organization] should keep doing?"


Participants who submit Dynamic Feedback have access to a personal results section following survey completion, which contains information about what makes the employee most engaged: the work itself, the interpersonal relationships the employee experiences at work, or the employee's connection to the mission of the organization. They can also see the three drivers that they scored highest in.




Employees have the option to download their personal results to save for the future. Download functionality is only supported for desktop users in Chrome and Firefox.

View Dynamic Feedback

Visibility rules 👀
  • Leaders with full results access: All comments from employees are available to Full Access Leaders. To protect employee confidentiality, comments can only be filtered by one group type. This group type is the Feedback Filter that was selected during the process of creating the engagement campaign. Full Access Leaders can filter by any group within that group type as long as the group meets confidentiality standards.
  • Leaders with limited results access: Limited Access Leaders only have access to the comments from employees in the groups they have results access for, granted those groups meet confidentiality standards. Limited Access Leaders cannot filter results by group.
  1. Click on Engagement in 15Five's main, left-hand navigation.
  2. [HR Admins only] You'll land on the Engagement Overview page in 15Five. From here, click Go to Engage to open the Engage Portal.
  3. Click on Feedback in the main, left-hand navigation of the Engage Portal.
  4. Make sure the correct campaign is selected in the "Comments from" field at the top of the page.
  5. If desired, click Generate insights at the top of the screen to summarize Dynamic Feedback using 15Five's Spark AI tool. Read more about summarizing Dynamic Feedback using AI.
  6. Use the Group type filter at the top of the page to filter results for groups contained within the Feedback Filter group type that was selected during the process of creating the engagement campaign (in the example below, the selected Feedback Filter was "Manager," meaning it's possible to view results for all managers whose teams met confidentiality standards for the engagement survey).


    Only leaders with full results access can filter comments. Leaders with limited results access cannot filter comments.

  7. Use the Sentiment filter at the top of the Responses list to filter Dynamic Feedback by Mixed, Negative, Neutral, or Positive feedback.
  8. All feedback items that match your selected filters will appear on the page, organized in alphabetical order by the engagement driver the feedback is related to. For each piece of feedback, you can see its sentiment (Mixed, Negative, Neutral, or Positive), whether or not the piece of feedback was in response to an "Improvement" or "Maintain" question, and the manager of the person who provided the feedback.
  9. Use the search bar in the bottom, right-hand corner of the filters section to search for words or phrases within the Dynamic Feedback responses.
  10. Leaders with full results access can download Dynamic Feedback by clicking the Download button in the top, right-hand corner of the page.

Dynamic Feedback Removal Policy

Key to the effectiveness of 15Five engagement surveys is the assurance that your employee's comments and feedback are confidential so that they are safe to honestly express their feelings about engagement and well-being.

Our policy is to display all submitted Dynamic Feedback comments, with very few exceptions. That said, there may be some situations in which you feel that a comment made in an open response item should be removed. We take these requests seriously and have a process in place to determine if a comment should be removed from the system.

We will only remove feedback in two scenarios:

The comment can be clearly attributed to another individual

We will remove comments that were clearly written by someone other than the employee they are attributed to. This typically only happens when a user shares their survey link with another person. Removing or hiding comments from a user will also remove all other survey results for that individual.

The comment is threatening or hateful to a specific people group

We will also remove comments that include hate speech or violently threaten others. These cases are rare, but we will act quickly when they do occur.

Disparaging or insulting comments, like “I can't stand my boss," do not qualify under this policy.

In either scenario, 15Five will maintain employee confidentiality and will not provide any additional details about the source of Dynamic Feedback comments. Unless the comment includes a threat of physical harm, we will never reveal an employee's identity.

Process for Requesting Removal

If you believe a comment should be removed under one of the scenarios above, please send a request to our Support Team, where it will be escalated immediately to the team that reviews these requests. 15Five Support Team Engineers, Strategic Advisors, Customer Success Managers, and Account Managers are not involved in these requests. Once escalated, we will respond within 1 business day on the decision for removal. Removal can take up to 2 business days.

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