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15Five’s Admin Academy is a learning platform where 15Five account admins can take on-demand courses, register for live admin trainings, and find other resources to help you utilize the 15Five platform.

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What is Admin Academy?

15Five’s Admin Academy is a series of on-demand courses that help account admins get up and running in 15Five through short, impactful multimedia lessons. Each lesson delivers a mix of short videos, written content, and knowledge checks to help account admins maximize their 15Five journey.

Courses included in Admin Academy are:

  • 101: Welcome to 15Five. In this course, we’ll walk you through where to begin and identifying what your organization wants to use 15Five for.
  • 201: Account Setup. This course focuses on setting up your organization’s 15Five account, including settings, features, and people management.
  • 301: Engagement Survey. This course walks you through everything you need to know to create and launch an engagement survey.
  • 301: Objectives and Key Results. This course focuses on managing Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) settings and creating OKRs for your organization.
  • 301: Reviews. This course focuses on managing Best-Self Review® feature settings and launching a review cycle.


Access Admin Academy

Admin Academy is hosted on a learning platform called Skilljar, and requires you to set up an account separate from your 15Five account.

Sign up for an account

  1. Go to https://learn.15five.com/ (we suggest you bookmark this URL for easy access)
  2. Click into the “Sign Up” tab. From here, fill out the form and click Sign Up.
  3. You’ll automatically be directed to 15Five’s Admin Academy homepage. Here, you can select between any of our five courses.

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