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We believe learning is most effective when it is done in a group. Creating online learning journeys allows admins to specify a group of individuals that will be learning together and set custom due dates for when courses in the journey should be completed. This enables admins to align course content with strategic initiatives in their organization (i.e. quarterly planning, an upcoming review cycle, etc.) as well as your organization's outcomes. Once participants are assigned to a learning journey, they can access it in 15Five.

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Access and availability

⛔️ Required access to Transform.
👥 This article is relevant to Account admins and HR admins.
📦 This feature is available in the Transform and Transform Accelerator pricing packages.

Glossary of terms

  • A Learning Journey is exactly what it sounds like— a journey of learning that a person/people go through. Journeys are made up of tracks.
  • A Track is a collection of topics whose purpose is to drive a specific goal. We offer recommended tracks (which is a set of courses in an order that we recommend to help drive specific learning outcomes) and the ability for admins to create custom tracks.
  • Topic is a course that covers a specific topic. For example: in our "Strengths & Career Vision" topic course, participants learn how to identify, cultivate, and leverage their strengths, values, and passions to ultimately build an aligned vision for their career growth. Topics are combined to create a track.

Now that you're familiar with the Transform lingo, let's dive into creating and utilizing custom tracks.

Before you begin

Before you create and assign a learning journey, please make sure you've completed the following tasks:

Create and assign a learning journey

  1. Click on Training & Coaching in 15Five's main, left-hand navigation and select the Manage Journeys option.
  2. You're now in the Journeys tab. From here, click + New Journey.
  3. Specify if the learning journey is multi-year (recommended) or one year. Multi-year learning journeys will automatically generate the next set of sessions at renewal and participants will remain in the journey, allowing them to continue learning together.
  4. Select a journey name. As you select a name, consider who you want to participate in the journey and what the intent of the journey is. For example— if you want to create a journey specifically intended for new managers in your organization, you could name the journey "New Managers."
  5. Select which track you want participants to take part in. 15Five's recommended track and any custom tracks that your organization has created will appear in this dropdown. When you're done, click Continue.
  6. Set a topic timeline. Select the date you want the first topic in your track to be due using the 'Select date' field to its right. Once you select a due date for the first course in the path, due dates will autofill based on a monthly cadence. However, you can customize these due dates to align with different milestones within your organization (e.g. if your company is going through an OKR planning cycle, you may want participants to go through goal-setting courses). When you're done, click Continue.
  7. Select which participants you want to include in the journey. In this dropdown, you will only see the names of people who have been assigned access to Transform. An individual can only be assigned to one (1) learning journey at any given time.
    Anyone who is added as a participant will be granted access to the topic order and deadlines when signing in to 15Five. When you're done assigning participants, click Continue.
  8. Confirm the Journey. Finally, you'll be taken to a summary that includes all Journey details. If it's correct, click Create Journey. If not, make any necessary changes before proceeding.
    Screenshot 2023-09-20 at 1.25.45 PM.png
    At this point, participants will assigned topics and due dates on their Journey page.

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