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This document addresses key questions related to the integration of AI features into the 15Five product, focusing on the specific use cases and data privacy concerns that may arise. This FAQ is subject to change, based on 15Five’s evolution of product.

Beginning in November 2023, 15Five began releasing new AI features to enhance the functionality that 15Five offers and to provide assistance to HR leaders, managers, and individual contributors as they use 15Five. To offer these features, we have added OpenAI as a new data sub-processor. To view a full list of Platform sub-processors, please visit this link.

Here is a bit behind why 15Five has decided to integrate with OpenAI:

  • Advanced Insights from data: Integrating OpenAI with 15Five enhances the depth of insights derived from employee feedback, surveys, and performance reviews, providing HR teams with a more comprehensive understanding of employee sentiments and engagement.
  • Enhanced Manager & Employee Development: By leveraging OpenAI's capabilities, 15Five can offer more personalized and data-driven development plans and recommendations for managers, facilitating employee growth and contributing to a culture of continuous improvement.


What AI features are being integrated into 15Five?

We are using OpenAI to enhance the functionality that 15Five offers and to provide assistance to HR leaders, managers, and individual contributors as they use 15Five. OpenAI will allow us to provide helpful summaries of data across the platform and share recommendations of resources and best practices that most align with the needs of your organization or team. No personally identifiable information is shared with OpenAI and the data that is shared is not used for model training.

We've integrated AI capabilities from OpenAI to assist with three main use cases to start: AI-assisted performance reviews, AI assistance for managers to support their team, and AI-generated themes and summaries from open-text employee survey data.

How may AI assist with performance reviews?

AI helps streamline performance reviews by incorporating a variety of sources to reduce bias, providing suggested feedback, highlighting trends in employee performance data, and offering insights for more constructive and data-driven conversations.

How may AI assist managers?

15Five's manager assist uses data about a manager's team to help managers identify where they should focus to be most effective in supporting their team. Based on the current state of their team, managers will receive recommendations on the next steps and learning opportunities to support them.

How may AI improve our handling of open-text engagement survey data?

AI will analyze open-text survey responses to generate themes and summaries, providing HR teams with deeper insights into employee feedback and engagement.

Will AI impact our existing pricing structure?

We remain committed to providing value to our customers and are making some of the AI additions to the 15Five platform available at no additional cost. As we continue to expand on the potential that AI will bring to the 15Five platform, we will communicate if there are any pricing adjustments.

What data privacy measures are in place?

We take data privacy seriously. Before sending data to OpenAI, we remove personally identifiable information (PII), ensuring that only the information relevant to AI features is shared. Our agreement with OpenAI also prohibits them from using any 15Five customer data for training purposes. The AI functionality is intended to be GDPR compliant.

How is my data secured during the integration?

We maintain robust security measures to protect your data during the integration process. Data encryption, access controls, and regular security audits are some of the steps we take to ensure data security.

Can I choose not to use the AI features?

Yes, you currently have the flexibility to choose whether or not to use the AI features in your account. We provide these features as an option to enhance your experience, but you are not currently obligated to use them.

How can I get support or training for using AI features?

We will offer training and support resources to help you make the most of AI features. Reach out to our customer support team or your success manager for assistance, and access training materials in our knowledge base.

Does the information that is used to create the AI outcomes train the AI Model?

No, any data that is stored/shared in 15Five is subject to our Privacy Policy and DPA, as applicable. The information shared via the AI tool is used only to provide the services to customers and as otherwise permitted pursuant to our agreement with them.

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