Namely is a human resource software that allows you to onboard your team and manage payroll + benefits. If you use Namely, you can import and manage your team in 15Five with ease. You can use the integration to automatically (or manually if you prefer) import and update employee information, including management structure versus having to create new profiles in 15Five one by one. Huge time saver! Included in the integration is an option to exclude employees from being added to 15Five by excluding specific departments, locations, or emails—that way you're in control of who is using 15Five. What you’ll find in this article:

  • How to set up Namely
  • Syncing
  • Management
  • How to disconnect
  • Troubleshooting and FAQs

Set up Namely



If you have people or groups that you do not want to sync into 15Five, reach out to before your first import and we can set up a filter to exclude those people.

1. Click on your Settings menu at the top right of your 15Five account and then click 'Features'.


2. Last, click on 'Integrations'.

3. Click Enable to the right of the Namely option.


4. Enter your Namely subdomain into 15Five. If you need help finding it, it is the first part of the URL you see when logged into Namely. For example, if the URL is, the subdomain would be the "yourwebsite" part. If you need help finding it, it is the first part of the URL you see when they are logged into Namely.


Once you have your subdomain, enter it in the setup wizard in 15Five and click Authenticate.


5. Allow 15Five to log in with your Namely account.


6. The page will reload and ask you to authenticate the integration via Namely’s end. If you are not already logged in, you will need to log in. Only people that have administrator permissions in Namely will be able to set up the integration with 15Five.

7. Choose your settings via the 'Update integration settings' section.


Sync types: Confirm if you want manual or automatic syncs. Manual syncs will only sync Namely when an admin manually starts the sync in 15Five. Automatic syncs are done every day. It is recommended that you first select ‘manual sync’ to confirm the first import in 15Five, as if you select ‘Automatic sync’ and then Save the sync will start automatically.

Email Invite: Confirm if you want an email invitation to go out and customize. If you are using SSO, there isn’t a need for this invite since they just have to log in using SSO to activate their account with 15Five. However, if you are not using SSO they will need to set up their password and activate their account via this email invitation.



Make sure to check your Company Settings regarding invite emails is not conflicting with your selection here. It's the invite details setting that you'll want to review. If that setting is OFF, then invites will not go out, even though they are enabled in Namely settings.



Check these settings before saving! If the settings are not set right before you import the first time, it can cause an issue with the invite email not being sent.

9. Once you have double checked your settings, click Save.


Customers can choose to sync manually or automatically. Automatic syncs will sync at 22:04 UTC and run one after another. We can not control when an individual company's sync will actually run. There is an email sent to admins if the sync fails for any reason. If you have opted to only sync manually, any changes in Namely will not be reflected in 15Five until they run and approve the manual sync.

You can sync your data manually or have 15Five do this for you. If the automatic sync is enabled, changes will sync nightly. Here is a list of fields that we sync with:

  • first & last names (first not synced if preferred is set)
  • preferred name if set (syncs to first name field in 15Five)
  • title
  • email
  • employee id
  • location field
  • reviewer email
  • department (department in Namely = group in 15Five)
  • user status
  • start date (start_date in Namely = hire_date_ts in 15Five)
  • phone number (mobile_phone in Namely = phone1 in 15Five)
  • gender (gender in Namely = gender in 15Five)
  • birth date (dob in Namely = birth_date in 15Five)
  • ethnicity (ethnicity in Namely = ethnicity in 15Five)
  • salary (yearly_amount in Namely = salary in 15Five)

You can toggle the setting to manually or automatically sync on the integration’s settings page:



Start a manual sync



You can instigate one-off manual syncs even if you are set to automatically sync.

1. Start a manual sync by selecting the Start sync orange button on the main Namely page.
2. Once clicked, the sync could take some time to run depending on the size of their download. Eventually, you will see the information that will be pulled into 15Five. You must approve this sync before it goes through by selecting Start Namely import.

3.If you need to make a change in Namely and then re-try, you can make those changes and then click Re-run import. Once the import finishes (again if this is a large import this may take several minutes), you will get a confirmation screen showing how many people were created and/or updated. If there were any errors, such as employees without emails, they will show up on this screen as well.



By default Namely will import all users that the API key can access, so if you want certain employees to sync to 15Five and not others, filters are the best solution for you. Contact to have a filter set up for your account.

We can filter by location, department, or email address. Location and department tend to be the most useful, as you can set a department or location that refers to employees you do not want to sync, and never have to contact Support to add any additional filters again. You would simply add the employee to that location or department in Namely, and it would know to not sync those employees. If you do this by email, you get to keep their location and department fields the same, but you will have to reach out to Support any time you want to add/remove any emails from the filter list.

How to disconnect

In order to disconnect the Namely integration, click the Disable Namely on the 'Namely integration settings' page.


Troubleshooting FAQs

Q: Can we do a trial run of the Namely sync before turning on the full automatic sync?
A: Yes, we suggest doing a manual sync before turning on the automatic sync option. You will do this through the 'Integrations' page on your 15Five account. Click on Enable and set up the integration. For the first import, leave the automatic sync checkbox unchecked. Leaving this box unchecked allows you to do a manual sync first. There is a preview step before finishing the sync—so don't worry about clicking manual sync as the import will not start right away. After reviewing the import details, you can choose to finish the sync or cancel if things are incorrect. After the first manual sync, feel free to check the automatic sync box for future syncs.

Q: Why didn't anyone get invited to 15Five? I just added invited them through my HRIS system.
A: If the 'Email invitation' checkbox is not checked on the Namely integration page or if the Company's invite settings is set to not send invites, no invites will be sent out to people invited through Namely.

Q: Which people in Namely are included in the sync?
A: By default, all full-time employees in Namely will be included in the sync unless otherwise specified by filters set by Support. It is possible to filter employees by location, division, and/or email. If you want to exclude or only include certain groups please reach out for assistance before you attempt an import.

Q: When does 15Five sync with Namely when automatic sync is enabled?
A: The automatic Namely syncs kick-off at 22:04 UTC and will sync for all customers one by one. We can not control when an individual company's sync will actually run. There is an email sent to all account admins after a Namely sync. The email will summarize the new accounts created, accounts updated, and accounts deactivated.

Q: Can we sync our vacations from Namely to 15Five?
A: Syncing vacations is not currently available with Namely.

Q: Do we sync preferred name in Namely?
A: Yes. If preferred name is set in Namely, it will sync to the firstName field in 15Five.

Q: Do we sync start dates with Namely?
A: Not at this time. However, you can use filters to help manage this by creating a department or location that signifies employees you do not want syncing to 15Five yet.

Q: Why does the sync show the entire roster of employees and not just the updates? Will there be duplicate accounts created?
A: The reason you may see those users is that in a full sync we scan their entire roster for updates and those are made once the sync is completed. As long as the email addresses match the ones that are in 15Five already a new profile will not be created.

Q. Is there a way to re-send an invite for just one user rather than a full list of pending invites?
A: At this time there isn’t a way to do this in-app. Support can help by deleting the old invites so you can change the setting and re-invite them.

Q: My sync did not go through. What’s going on?
A: It could be a number of things. The first thing would be to check the import history in Django for the error message. This will typically tell you why the sync did not go through.

Q: Why are there employees that are not syncing via Namely and others are? For example, if there is a user that was deactivated in Namely but not deactivated in 15Five.
A: The most common reason for this is that the employee that is not syncing was created manually in 15Five before the Namely integration was configured. This can cause issues with the syncs in the future. Reach out to and we can look into this for you.

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