Legacy BambooHR integration

Connect with BambooHR using 15Five's HRIS Connector!

We are no longer supporting the legacy BambooHR integration. Customers can now integrate with Bamboo HR using 15Five's HRIS Connector. With a simple setup and configuration, visibility around what data is coming over, and automatic sync every 24 hours, it's never been easier to ensure accurate, up-to-date employee data across your platforms. Get started now!

This article walks through how to manage 15Five's legacy BambooHR integration.

What you’ll find in this article:

Access and availability

⛔️ Required access to integration settings.
👥 This article is relevant to 15Five Account admins who are also BambooHR administrators.
📦 This feature is available in all pricing packages.

Set up the BambooHR integration

We are no longer supporting the legacy BambooHR integration. To quickly and easily integrate with BambooHR, please follow the steps in our HRIS Connector article.

Manage the legacy BambooHR integration

This section walks through how to manage the legacy BambooHR integration.

Run a manual sync

If you're integrated using our legacy BambooHR integration, rather than through our HRIS connector, this section walks through how to run a manual sync from BambooHR to 15Five.

  1. Go to the 'BambooHR Settings' page.
  2. Click the orange Start sync button. Don't worry—you will get to preview the changes before syncing.
  3. Once the sync starts, you will see the screen below. It can sometimes take a second to refresh, so you can navigate away (or take a quick coffee break) and come back.Screen_Shot_2021-07-27_at_10.10.47_AM.png
  4. After the sync is complete, you'll be taken to a screen to choose what to do with the import. Options are: Cancel import, Re-run import, or Start BambooHR import. Screen_Shot_2021-07-27_at_10.11.16_AM.pngIf you navigated away from the sync page, you can pull up the preview page by navigating back to the 'BambooHR Settings’ page and clicking View history.
  5. Check the data to ensure everything looks accurate. The integration is set to scan all profiles that are not excluded (see the 'Filtering' section below), so don't panic if you see an individual who already exists in 15Five show up in the sync— it just means we are updating their information to reflect any changes that have been made in BambooHR since the last sync. Check to ensure that anyone who should be excluded based on filters are not in this list.
  6. You can also use the blue arrow to open an individual’s BambooHR profile directly from this page by clicking the purple icon to the left of their name and status.Screen_Shot_2021-07-27_at_10.16.39_AM.png
  7. If everything looks good, click the orange Start BambooHR import button.Screen_Shot_2021-07-27_at_10.18.18_AM.png
  8. You will be taken to the same loading screen as before. It shouldn't take long. Once the sync completes, you will see a note telling you that it was successful.
  9.  If you want to view the sync history, click the Back to all History link. On the history page, you will see a list of all syncs, successful and unsuccessful. Screen_Shot_2021-07-27_at_10.19.40_AM.png
Set up filters

If your organization is integrated with BambooHR using our legacy BambooHR integration, rather than the HRIS connector, use this section to understand filtering options.

BambooHR, by default, will import all profiles that the API key can access. However, you can limit the profiles that get synced from BambooHR using filters. Filters are added by our Support Team and cannot be added by account administrators within the application.

If you would like to add or remove a filter, please have an account admin email us at support@15Five.com with the names of the exclusion or inclusion filters you want to use, as well as the exact names of the departments, locations, divisions, employment statuses, and/or emails you want to exclude/include as they appear in BambooHR.

Inclusive filter options:

  • departments
  • locations
  • divisions 
  • employment_statuses 

Exclusive filter options:

  • excluded_departments
  • excluded_locations
  • excluded_divisions
  • excluded_emails
  • excluded_employment_statuses 


Exclusion filters override inclusion filters. So, if an individual is included by the use of an inclusion filter, but is also part of a department that is excluded, they will ultimately be excluded.

Disconnect the BambooHR integration

If you're integrated with BambooHR using our legacy integration, rather than the HRIS connector, you can disconnect the BambooHR integration, click Disable BambooHR from the 'BambooHR Settings' page. 


Troubleshooting, Support, and FAQs

This section contains troubleshooting and support for 15Five's legacy BambooHR integration.

Why isn't BambooHR syncing?
There are times when BambooHR will not import or sync. Sometimes an account administrator cancels an import and it freezes up an installation. Reach out to 15Five Support to clear the queue and reinitiate the import.
Why aren't BambooHR invites being sent?
There are a few reasons why this might have happened: 1) If the 'Email invitation' checkbox is not checked in integration settings, no invites will be sent out to people invited through BambooHR. 2) If the 'Email invitation' checkbox is checked but the message is blank, no invites will go out. 3) If SSO is enabled in your company's 15Five account and the ‘Allow Password Sign In’ option is disabled/ unchecked in the SSO/SAML details, the BambooHR configuration will not include the option for an email invitation. If you need to send out email invites, go to the 'Inactive' tab of the 'Manage people' page. You can bulk send email invitations from the "Pending invitations" or "Created people" sections by checking the box to the left of all the people you want to send email invites to, clicking the Actions box, and selecting 'Send invitation' or 'Resend invitation.'
Help Center article 💡: 'Manage people' page: Active, Inactive, and Deactivated
What should I do if my filters stopped working?
This issue can happen if the filter name is changed in BambooHR. If this is the case, write in to support@15Five.com and we can update the filter for you. Another possibility is that the API key is no longer active or the person who generated it is no longer active in BambooHR. You can regenerate this key in BambooHR by clicking your avatar > API Keys > Add new key.
Why am I receiving an error message that says, "Importing data would exceed the max user count set for this company"?
This happens when the sync will exceed the maximum number of people for the company account. You can remove or increase the limit from the 'Company settings' page.
When does 15Five sync with BambooHR when automatic sync is enabled?
The automatic BambooHR syncs kick off at 11:00 AM UTC/ 7:00 AM EST and will run one sync after another. We cannot control when an individual company's sync will actually run. There is an email sent to all account admins after a BambooHR sync. The email will summarize the new accounts created, accounts updated, and accounts deactivated.
How do we sync our vacations from BambooHR to 15Five?
At this time, you cannot enable vacation syncing in-app. Vacation syncing can be turned on by 15Five's Support Team via request by emailing support@15five.com. If the setting is on, the vacations will sync during every sync run. Please note that the sole purpose of vacations in 15Five is to skip Check-ins, not as a point of reference for your team to see when upcoming days off are.
Help Center article 💡: Skip Check-ins with vacations
Can I see what information will be synced from BambooHR to 15Five before turning on the full automatic sync?
Yes— we actually suggest doing a manual sync before turning on the automatic sync option. To enable manual syncs, go to the integration settings page and check the box next to 'Limit to manual sync.' You can run a manual sync by following the steps in the 'Run a manual sync' section of this article.
Which people in BambooHR are included in the sync?
By default, all full-time employees in BambooHR will be included in the sync unless otherwise specified by filters set up by 15Five Support. If you would like to add or remove a filter, please have an account admin email our Support Team at support@15Five.com with the names of the exclusion or inclusion filters you want to use, as well as the exact names of the departments, locations, divisions, employment statuses, and/or emails you want to exclude/include as they appear in BambooHR.
If we were managing 15Five users via CSV import before, then turned on BambooHR, will 15Five recognize the individuals that are already in 15Five and prevent duplicate profiles?
Yes, as long as the email in 15Five is the same as the email in BambooHR.
Should we exclude certain populations automatically?
If you have a platform such as Lever or any other hiring software connected to BambooHR, maybe. People that are hired in BambooHR, but have not yet started at their current job should be excluded from the BambooHR integration via Employment Status. Please reach out to Support and we can work with you on setting up a filter.
How can I use CSV import with Bamboo HR enabled?
Please email 15Five Support at support@15five.com and we can enable this ability for you.
How does my BambooHR integration handle group types?
15Five converts departments in BambooHR to Group Type: Departments. You, as an account admin, don't need to do anything. 15Five will add all BambooHR departments as 15Five groups under the group type 'Departments' automatically.
I add some employees to BambooHR before they have a work email. How do I stop them from syncing to 15Five until they have their work email set?
If an individual does not have their work email in BambooHR and is initially synced using their personal email, there is no way to have the fields revert back to syncing their work email— in other words, if you are first synced using your personal email, we cannot update to sync your work email. If there are people in BambooHR that you're not ready to pull into 15Five, or that do not have a work email listed yet, use the hire date field in BambooHR (start date in 15Five) to indicate when you want to start syncing that person and when you want that person to have access to 15Five. To use this field, the "Sync start dates" option must be checked off in integration settings. Reach out to support@15Five.com if you accidentally invited an employee with their personal email.

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