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We understand companies come in all shapes and sizes and built 15Five with flexibility in mind. There are a variety of different ways you can organize your company when using 15Five. "We would like a fully transparent structure." "We would like more privacy." "We would like somewhere in between." Listed below are visibility setting options for each of those scenarios or check out this step-by-step walkthrough on setting visibility for your company. 

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Visibility and hierarchy options

Visibility and hierarchy are linked in 15Five. The default visibility you have in 15Five depends on your level in the company hierarchy. There are other ways to increase visibility, noted below. It is important to know that these visibility options are specific to Check-ins. Visibility settings may differ from feature to feature.

  • Traditional management hierarchy: By default, we have 15Five set up for a traditional management model. As an account administrator, you can add direct reports and managers, and see down your line in the organization. Hierarchy visibility is defined as the ability to see everyone's Check-ins who are below you in the reporting hierarchy. This also goes for managers- allowing them to see Check-ins of anyone below them in their reporting line. For more details on the default visibility setting, see this page.
  • Total organizational transparency: If you would like to create a fully transparent organization where all people can view everyone's reports, including the ability to make and like comments, then keep reading. For full transparency, create a group with all individuals as members and enable group drill-down and group viewing. Keep in mind that all reports will become viewable to everyone via this method. Again, all people in your company need to be members of the group.
  • Executive-level transparency: If you want to set up visibility in 15Five that only allows managers or high level leadership to have full viewing access to everyone's Check-ins, this option is for you. Start by grouping only your managers/leaders in a dedicated group called "Leadership" for example. Then enable group viewing and group drill-down. This grants members of the Leadership Group the ability to see one another's reports and see the reporting line of all other members of the group. 
    • Example: Add CEO, COO, CPO, and HR Director into a group called "Leadership". Enable group viewing and group drill-down. Now the CEO can see the COO's Check-ins (plus everyone in the COO's reporting line), the CPO's Check-ins (plus everyone in the CPO's reporting line), and the HR Director's Check-ins (plus everyone in the HR Director's reporting line).

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If you (or someone else) needs access to view and comment on another person's Check-in, read about our 'follow' feature.

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