Complete peer reviews of my teammates

OK, you accepted a peer nomination, or two, or four. What comes next? It is time to write the actual review and submit it. Your job as a peer is to include information about your coworker’s development, including constructive feedback to help them increase performance and goal orientation. To learn more about giving effective feedback, see this article.



If you are looking to nominate yourself as someone else's peer, also known as peer initiated peer reviews, see this article. Depending on the setting that your review administrators chose when creating the cycle, peer reviews will either be participant-driven (you nominating teammates as peers) or peer-driven (teammates writing peer reviews of you without any nomination or approval process).

Peer review acceptance and submission: process overview

  • You have accepted peer nominations and now it is time to write your peer reviews. 
  • Peer reviews can be submitted up until the cycle end date or until the peer's review has been finalized—whichever comes first.
  • Complete your peer reviews and remember to submit. 
  • The peer's manager will receive a notification that you have completed a peer review. 
  • The peer's manager will look over your peer review and may remove items that are not constructive.
  • Depending on the review cycle's settings, this peer's manager may or may not be able to see your identity. 
  • Depending on the review cycle's settings, the peer may or may not see your answers verbatim. For insight into who can see what, use the review transparency box on the left of your peer review page. 
  • Your peer reviews will not be shared with the peer you reviewed until their manager shares the results. If your review administrator chose to hide peer reviews, your co-worker will not see any of your answers verbatim. If this setting is chosen, it is up to the manager to summarize your peer feedback and share it with your peer. Sharing reviews is usually the very last step in the review cycle. 
  • On the flip side: Your peers will complete their review of you during this same window. When your manager decides to share the results with you, you will be able to see the peer reviews that were written about you. 

Complete your peer review(s)

1. Click on Best-Self Review® from the left navigation.


2. Click on the name of the cycle you need to work on. It will be under the 'Active review cycles' section.


3. Under 'Your review to-dos', you should see a Write peer reviews button. Click on this button to begin your peer review(s).


You can also get to peer review by clicking on the 'Peer nominations' tab at the top of your page. Then scrolling to the 'Peer who have nominated you' section and clicking on Go to peer review.


4. Ensure you are on the right peer review using the Reviews section on the left of your page. 


5. Now it's time to write up the peer review. Fill in all fields with your feedback. Use the resources for review at the bottom of your peer review to help you remember what your peer has been working on.


6. From within the peer review, you will be able to see if the review is anonymous or transparent; meaning is your identity hidden or visible to the peer you're writing a review of? You will also be notified here if your answers are hidden or are shared verbatim with the co-worker. 


7. Remember to click Submit when your peer review is complete. 


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