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You can also check our system status to see the current operational status of components of 15Five.

Contact our Support Team

Our stellar Support team is here to answer your product questions, troubleshoot issues with your account, and help you make the most of 15Five.

  Support hours

We are online to help you Monday-Friday from 8AM-5PM EST/5AM-3PM PT. Our Support Team aims to respond to all tickets within 2 business days.

There are three ways to open a ticket with our Support Team:

  1. Email your question to
  2. Click on Support in the bottom, right-hand corner of the Help Center
  3. Click the orange bubble in the bottom, right-hand corner of your 15Five account and select the "Contact Support" option

Please include a brief description of your issue and any relevant context, links, or screenshots.

Check out resources for some common issues below:

I can't log in to 15Five.
If you're having issues logging into 15Five, please see our "Sign in to 15Five" Help Center article. If that doesn't help, open a ticket with our Support Team and we'll be happy to assist.
I can't figure out how to use a specific feature.
If you're having issues using a specific feature in 15Five, please navigate to the "Using 15Five" section of our Help Center and look through available articles for that feature. If you can't find an article that helps you resolve your issue, open a ticket with our Support team and we'll be happy to assist.
A part of 15Five isn't loading correctly.
If 15Five isn't loading for you, or if it's loading in a strange way, please refer to our "Browser support" Help Center article to ensure you're using a supported browser. If you are using a supported browser, try clearing your cache and cookies and reloading the page. If the issue persists, please open a ticket with our Support Team and we'll be happy to assist.

Contact our Billing Team

If you have a question about your invoice or billing details, you can open a ticket with 15Five's Billing Team by emailing Our Billing Team responds to all incoming emails within 48 hours on regular business days. For articles around billing in 15Five, check out this section of the Help Center. 

Contact our Sales Team

If you have sales-related questions and are a current customer, please reach out to your assigned Account Manager or Otherwise, get your trial started or chat with an account representative here.

Ongoing support and resources


Throughout your journey with 15Five, you may work with Customer Support Engineers, an Implementation Manager, or a Customer Success Manager based on your organization's contract size. Read more below about what the people in these roles are responsible for.



Customer Support Engineers ( Point of contact for technical issue resolution and product questions. Offers identification and resolution of bugs, technical issue resolution, and system logic and guidance.
Implementation Manager (IM)* Point of contact during implementation. Provides implementation guidance, assistance with integrations, onboarding logistics, and training.
Customer Success Manager (CSM)* Point of contact post-implementation. Provides guidance on adoption & engagement, strategy, best practices, feature rollout, and philosophy.

*These roles are only available for support if included in your contract. If you're not sure whether or not your company qualifies for an IM or CSM, please contact our Support Team.


The following customer resources are also available to you at every point in your 15Five journey.



Help Center ( 15Five's Help Center is your go-to resource for how-to articles and FAQs about the 15Five product.
Academy ( 15Five’s Academy is a series of on-demand courses that help users get up and running in 15Five through short, impactful multimedia lessons. Each lesson delivers a mix of short videos, written content, and knowledge checks to help account admins maximize their 15Five journey. Sign up.
Upcoming and on-demand webinars Our Product Training team provides both live and on-demand webinars to help you make the most of the 15Five platform. Learn more.
Content Library 15Five's content library contains books, guides, videos, and more to help people thrive at work.

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