Remove a 1-on-1 from 'My 1-on-1s' list

There may be times when 1-on-1s with a certain person are no longer relevant and you want to remove them from your 'My 1-on-1s' list. Let's say your prior direct reports have moved managers and you no longer need to hold regular 1-on-1s with them, or you completed a project and no longer need to meet with members of the working group. You can remove these people from your 'My 1-on-1s' list to ensure that only your most relevant meetings are top-of-mind.

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Access and availability

⛔️ Required access to 1-on-1s.
👥 This article is relevant to all roles.
📦 This feature is available in the Perform, Total Platform, and Focus (legacy) pricing packages.



Removing a person from your 'My 1-on-1s' list only removes them from view, and does not equal deleting. Removed 1-on-1s data is stored in case it needs to be accessed in the future. If you want to delete a 1-on-1, see this article.

Remove a person from your 'My 1-on-1s' list

  1. Click on 1-on-1s in 15Five's main, left-hand navigation.
  2. You're now on the 'My 1-on-1s' list. From here, click '...' to the right of the person you want to remove from the list and select 'Remove' from the dropdown menu.
  3. A popup will appear asking you to confirm that you want to remove this person from your 'My 1-on-1s' list. If you agree, click Remove.
  4. You're done! That person will no longer appear on your 'My 1-on-1s' list.
  5. If you remove someone from your 1-on-1 list on accident or 1-on-1s with that person become relevant again, you can bring them back into view by clicking Create a new 1-on-1 and searching for that person's name.

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