Set restrictions on inviting new people

We know that restricting access around who can invite people to 15Five is important for account administrators. By default, anyone in 15Five can add new people to their organization's account without an account administrator having to approve the addition.

If you would like to change these invite settings and restrict who can add new individuals to your company account, you can do so from the 'Company settings' page. This page allows you to manage who has permission to add people to their account, whether email invites should be sent for bulk imports, and what that email invite should say.

Manage company invite settings

1. Click on the Settings menu at the upper right corner of your 15Five account and then click 'Company Settings' from the dropdown.


2. Scroll to the 'Invite settings' section and expand it using the drop down arrow on the right. 


3. Select your desired option under the question 'Who has permission to add people to this account?'.

Screen_Shot_2021-07-07_at_11.52.30_AM.png Your options are...

  • Everyone: Anyone in the company can add new people,
  • Only admins: Only account administrators can add new people.
  • Only admins and reviewers: Only account administrators and reviewers can add new people.


Regardless of the selected setting above, only account administrators can add people using our bulk import tool.

4. Next, select your desired option under 'How should 15Five handle invite emails for bulk imports?'. In other words, when a bulk import is completed by an account administrator, do you want invite emails to go out to new people, or would you prefer not to send invite emails initially and manually send them later?


If you select the 'Immediately send invite emails to imported people' option, make any desired changes to the customer invite email message that will go out to newly-added individuals- or, use our default invite email.


If you select the 'Don't send invites immediately after import' option...




To delay email invitations for individuals, select the 'Immediately send invite emails to imported people' option and use the 'Start date' field in your bulk import CSV. Or you can select the 'Don't send' option and manually send invite emails via the 'Manage people' page.

5. Save your settings. 


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