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This article walks through how to add new individuals to 15Five, either one-off, in bulk via CSV import, or via an integration. If you prefer a video walkthrough, check out our "Add Users to 15Five" video.

Some things to consider

Expired invites

Invites will expire after 30 days. If the invite expires, you need to reactivate the person via the 'Manage people' page in 15Five from the 'Deactivated' tab. Invites will be sent immediately unless you specify a start date in the future or unless you choose not to send invites upon adding people.

Billing for invited users

15Five will not charge for created or pending individuals. You will not see a charge until the invite is accepted and the individual becomes active. Billing for the new individual(s) is prorated based on the activation date and the time left in your current subscription period.

Help Center article 💡: How does adding/removing people impact billing?

Onboarding new individuals

If you're looking for materials to send to newly-added 15Fivers, check out our Getting Started docs!

Add a person one-off



Assuming the default invite permission settings have not been edited, account administrators and managers can invite people from the 'Manage people' page.

1. Click on the 'Settings' gear in the top right-hand corner of 15Five.

2. Select 'Add a person' from the dropdown menu.

3. You'll land on the 'Settings: Add a new person' page. Set up a new person's profile by filling in the information on the page. There are two sections on this page: 1) Personal information, and 2) Account settings.

  • 'Personal information' section. In this section you will provide basic personal information about the person you're adding to 15Five. The following fields are included: First name, Last name, Hire date, Job title, Employee ID, Email, Phone Number (Engagement customers only), Location, and Timezone. Some things to note:
    • The only required fields are 'First name', 'Last name', and 'Email'.
    • The 'Employee ID' field is typically filled out with an employee number or an HRIS ID.
    • If you are a global company, be sure to set the timezone for this individual if they aren't located in your company's default timezone. This will ensure that notifications are sent out at a time that's appropriate for them.
  • 'Account settings' section. In this section you will provide 15Five-specific information that will impact the account of the person you're adding. Fields included are: Check-in frequency, Group membership, Start date, Direct manager, Best-Self Review® viewers, permissions, and Company-wide question settings. Some things to note:
    • An employee's start date should be thought of as the day they're invited into 15Five. Please see our 'Use 'Start date' to delay invites' Help Center article for more information.
    • Be sure to add a direct manager. A person's direct manager will be responsible for reviewing this person's Check-ins as well as serving as this person's default manager in any Best-Self Review® cycles.

4. Choose the appropriate invite settings. When it comes to inviting new users and sending out invite emails, you have three options:

  • Automatically invite the user to log in immediately. If you want this new user to immediately have access to 15Five, leave the 'Start date' field blank. Make sure the 'Send invite email' box is checked and you approve of the invite message if you'd like for them to receive an invite email.
  • Automatically invite the user to log in at a later date. If you want this new user to have access to 15Five at a later date without any further action on your part, insert that date in the 'Start date' field. Make sure the 'Send invite email' box is checked and you approve of the invite message if you'd like for them to receive an invite email.
  • Manually invite the user to log in at a later date. If you want this new user to have access to 15Five at a later date, add a start date and make sure that the 'Send invite email' box is unchecked. Once you click Save, this person will be added to the 'Created people' list, and you will need to click Send invitation to release the invite email/login information to that employee.


    Invite emails are sent out at 8AM in the employee's designated timezone.

      5. After you have added all information and confirmed the invite email settings, click Save or Save and add another




      If you see an error that says "User with this email already exists", that means the person's email is already associated with a 15Five account. In this case, you may simply need to reactivate them. If you don't see that option, please reach out to 15Five's Support Team by emailing

      Bulk import people via CSV

      Please refer to our "Bulk import or update people" Help Center article for step-by-step instructions on how to add new users via CSV import.

      Use an integration to invite people

      15Five has integrations with various softwares that allow you to provision and deprovision users automatically. Check out the articles below for information about these integrations:

      Check out these additional resources ⬇️

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