Configure individuals' profile pages

You may know that every 15Five user has a profile that contains bits of information about them, such as strengths, career vision, and recent activity in 15Five. But did you know that you can configure profile pages, specifically the 'About' tab, to include (or not include) information about each person? By allowing reporters to add in information about themselves...

  • Managers will better understand their direct reports so they can better communicate with, engage with, and coach them;
  • Reporters will feel seen, understood, and appreciated for who they are by their managers; and
  • Managers and reporters will understand what’s expected of each other.

Continue reading for more information on how to configure your teams' profile page.



Follow up answering the questions in your profile with a Best-Self Kickoff meeting with your manager and/or direct reports! The Best-Self Kickoff aims to create psychological safety in organizations by using a strategic, evidence-based approach to employee onboarding by accelerating the 'get to know you' process. Who's in?!

Manage prompts that appear in user profiles

1. Click on the Settings menu at the upper right corner of your 15Five account


2. Select Features from the dropdown menu.


3. On the feature settings page, click 'Profile'. 


4. Use the arrow to expand the 'Configure the About page' drop-down menu.


5. Check/uncheck the boxes to the right of any prompt to show or remove the prompt from peoples' profiles.



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