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From your profile, sometimes referred to as your 'Home' page, you will see an overview of the most important items that have been captured by 15Five. Some things you can do in your profile are answer the prompts about yourself, review to-dos, mark priorities as completed, view objectives, see recent High Fives, check your Pulse trend, hold a Best-Self Kickoff meeting with your manager, update your Career vision and trajectory, manage your Wins & challenges, and the list goes on. Your profile is the hub for your personal 15Five activity. 

Your profile/'Home' page is not to be confused with account settings. Your account settings include your name, email, Check-in period and due day, direct manager, etc and can only be managed by your direct manager or an account administrator.

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'Highlights' tab

You are the only person who can see your 'Highlights' tab.


Use this list to keep track of upcoming items that are to be completed. Think of this section as items that need your attention. The list will include Check-in reminders, Priorities, 1-on-1s, Objectives, and Best-Self Review® to-dos. 




Use the 'Filter by' option to pick and choose which items appear on your 'Highlights' tab.



Review your current objectives. If you need to edit an objective or mark one as complete, click on the objective name and make the changes. See more about managing your objectives here. Any objective(s) that you follow will also appear in this section. 


Recently received High Fives

View all High Fives that have been given to you. Remember, you really are awesome! You can like or comment directly from this page. Want to share the love? Learn how to give a great High Five!


'About' tab

Your 'About' tab is visible to everyone in your company by default. Account administrators control what prompts appear in this tab. Therefore, information on the 'About' tab can change over time, depending on what your account administrators want to know about you.

'About' questions & answers

This tab consists of all questions/details that your account administrators, direct manager, and teammates would like to know about you—so answer honestly! Your 'About' information is visible to everyone in the company, but you have the option to make your answers to the About questions private to your manager only.

Best-Self Kickoff

In the side-bar of the 'About' tab you will see the option to view your Best-Self Kickoff. 15Five’s Best-Self Kickoff is a strategically-guided meeting that aims to uncover what an individual needs to do their best work and how managers can support them in their career path. 

Relational information

The 'About' tab also contains sections of relational information in the lefthand sidebar, including 1) any followers you have, 2) what groups you're a member of, and 3) if applicable, who is on your team (i.e. who reports to you).


'Career vision' tab

Your job title, job description, and strengths are visible to everyone in your organization. Career trajectory is visible only to you and your direct manager. 

The career vision tab outlines your current career information and your career trajectory. Dare to dream here! Sharing your current dream job title can help your manager work with you to develop an ideal career path.

This tab can drive discussion when it comes time for quarterly or annual reviews. 15Five believes each individual has a "zone of genius", and our software gives you the platform to list your strengths and aspirations. You can edit these fields by clicking Edit career vision in the top right. 

Do you work closely with others in your company on a regular basis? If so, check out their strengths and job description to better understand their working style and responsibilities. 

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'Activity' tab

Your 'Activity' tab is visible to everyone in your organization.

Pulse trend

Review your past Pulse responses and comments. You can change the time frame that you would like the graph to display. If you see any outliers, reflect back to the corresponding Check-in and try to spot trends in high or low pulse scores. 


Objectives activity

Check out your objectives and their latest statuses. Click on one to open and edit. The time filter could result in closed or archived objectives appearing, depending on when they were closed or archived.


Check-in activity

How are you doing with submitting your Check-ins? This section lists Check-ins, the Check-in periods, and the day you submitted each Check-in. Missed a week? Learn how to go back and complete an older Check-in.


Questions asked

You can look at past questions that you have answered on Check-ins, and know which Check-in to open if you want to check your response.

This is a great place to check out your own questions, but also a good time to refer to your direct reports' profiles (if you have direct reports) and see if their questions are being changed up enough. Chances are, if your questions are redundant or irrelevant, their's are too!


1-on-1 activity

View 1-on-1 meetings that have been held and ended, when the meeting took place, and who was involved. 


High Five activity

It is fun to read your past High Fives (given and received) from your profile. All High Fives that include you are listed in this section. Also, you can see how many High Fives you have given and received number wise. If your company has it enabled, you can also see all the High Fives for your company on the Leaderboard. Let that gratitude inspire you!


'Wins & challenges' tab'

Your Wins & challenges tab is visible to you only. Your manager also has a Wins & challenges tab for you that only they can see. You cannot see what each other add to wins or challenges.

Wins & challenges is a space to collect and track the things that went great and the things that didn't go so well over time. You can add Check-in items to your Wins & challenges after you have submitted your check-in. Your direct manager can also add items to your Wins and Challenges, but they cannot see the items you have added and you cannot see items that they have added.

You can add a note from scratch using the 'Add a new note' prompt at the bottom of your wins or challenges section. This is also a great way to add additional color to a win or a challenge that was added from a Check-in . 


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