Use the 15Five app for Slack

This article walks through how to utilize the 15Five app for Slack as an individual contributor.

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Integration capabilities

Once an account admin has set up the 15Five app for Slack and you've added the 15Five app to your Slack account, you can perform the following actions directly from Slack:

  • Receive 15Five notifications in Slack
  • Give a High Five using the /highfive command
  • Comment on or like a Check-in comment, priority, or high five
  • Add a priority to your current Check-in
  • Mark a priority as complete
  • Copy a priority to your next Check-in
  • Edit or remove a priority
  • End a 1-on-1
  • Add a Slack message to an upcoming or scheduled 1-on-1 as a talking point
  • Request feedback from a teammate using the /request-feedback command
  • Respond to a feedback request

Use the 15Five app in Slack



You must use the same email address for your Slack account and 15Five account to install the 15Five app.

If Slack is enabled for your company and has been successfully integrated with 15Five, the 15Five app can be added to your Slack account. Adding the 15Five app to your Slack account allows you to manage 15Five items via Slack and receive notifications via Slack. Below are the steps to adding the 15Five app to your Slack account, interacting with the 15Five app in Slack, and a list of the capabilities of the Slack and 15Five integration.

Add the 15Five app to your Slack account

  1. Scroll down to the 'Apps' section in the lefthand side of your Slack account, then click Add apps.
  2. Search for "15Five" and click on the application.
  3. Confirm that the 15Five app now appears under the 'Apps' section of your Slack account.

Navigate the 15Five app

When you click on the 15five app in your Slack account, you will be taken to your 15Five homepage for Slack. At the top, you will see 'Home', 'Messages', and 'About' tabs.


'Home' tab

The 'Home' tab contains the highest-level to-dos that need your attention for the week and includes the following sections:
  • My Check-ins: The due date of your upcoming Check-in, along with the priorities for your current Check-in period.
  • Team's Check-ins (managers only): Your team's Check-ins that are ready for review.
  • Objectives: Your current objectives and key results, along with objective information including how much time remains until the due date, status, and completion percentage.
  • 1-on-1s: Dates and links to your upcoming 1-on-1s, along with current 1-on-1 action items assigned to you.
  • Best-Self Review®: Any actions that you need to complete in current review cycles.
Use the Filter by button at the top of the page to filter which items appear.
Anywhere you see a green button, you can click on it to take action. For example, you can use the Add a new priority button can be used to add a priority to the current or next Check-in directly from Slack.
Click on the '...' to the right of any item to take action from Slack. Below is an example of the options for a priority.

'Messages' tab

The 'Messages' tab contains all Slack messages received regarding 15Five, as well as all Slack notifications that are enabled for your account.

Anywhere you see a black button, you can click on it to take action. For example, you can use the Mark complete button next to any priority to mark it as complete.

Anywhere you see a green button, you can click on it to open the action in 15Five. For example, you can use the Complete Check-in button under a Check-in submission reminder to open your current Check-in in 15Five.

'About' tab

The 'About' tab contains all information about the 15Five app for Slack, including what information is shared and a list of 15Five-specific commands you can use in Slack.

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