Use the 15Five app in Slack

If Slack is enabled for your company and has been successfully integrated, the 15Five app can be added to your Slack account. Adding the 15Five app to your Slack account allows you to manage 15Five items via Slack and receive notifications via Slack. Below are the steps to adding the 15Five app to your Slack account, interacting with the 15Five app in Slack, and a list of the capabilities of the Slack and 15Five integration.

Add the 15Five app to your Slack account

1. Scroll down to the 'Apps' portion of your Slack window and click the '+' sign.


2. Search for "15Five".

3. Click on the icon shown below.


4. Confirm that the 15Five app is appearing in your Slack account.




You may see an alert saying, "Slack has not reviewed this app and does not endorse or certify it. The permissions this app requests have not been reviewed by Slack." This error means that our app hasn’t been reviewed by Slack, so we aren’t in their formal App Directory. However, we do comply with Slack's Terms of Service, which is necessary in order to integrate with them.

Interact with 15Five app in Slack

1. When you click on the 15five app in your Slack account, you will be taken to your 15Five Home page for Slack- different but similar to your 15Five Home page in 15Five.


2. At the top, you will see HomeMessages, and About tabs.
The Home tab contains: My 15Fives with the due date of your upcoming 15Five, Your Team's 15Fives that are ready for review (if applicable) Your Priorities, Your current Objectives, your 1-on-1 action items, any Best-Self Review actions that need to be completed, and more.
    • Use the 'Filter by' button at the top right to only show some of your 15Five items. 

    • To view all available actions for each item, use the '…' option to the right. 

The Messages tab contains: all Slack messages received regarding 15Five, as well as all Slack notifications that are enabled for your account

The About tab contains: all information about the 15Five app for Slack, including what information is shared and a list of 15Five Slack commands.

3. From the Home page, click on 'Complete on 15Five' to be taken to your current 15Five.
4. Also from the Home page, click on the '...' to the right of any item to take action from Slack. Below is an example of the options for a priority.
5. Anywhere you see a green button, you can click on it to take action. The 'Add a new priority' button can be used to add a priority to the current check in, or the next check-in, directly from Slack.

The capabilities of the 15Five + Slack integration (not including the Home page):

  • You can receive your personal 15Five notifications through Slack instead of through email.
  • You can share an answer on Slack to a designated channel.
  • You can create any question so that all answers will get pushed into a designated channel as the answers are submitted.
  • You can comment on 15Five check-in items directly from a Slack notification.
  • You can push submitted Priorities to a designated Slack channel.
  • You can mark a priority as complete from the applicable notification.
  • You can add a specific Slack message to your next week’s Priorities list (on your 15Five check-in) using the More Actions menu.
  • You can push High Fives to a designated Slack channel.
  • You can push Group High Fives to a designated Slack channel.
  • You can give High Fives from within Slack (using /highfive command) that will appear in 15Five.
  • You can comment + like High Fives from a Slack notification.
  • You can request feedback (using /request-feedback command) and respond to feedback requests via Slack.
  • You can end a 1-on-1 from the applicable notification, if you have Slack notifications enabled for the 'when my 1-on-1 was not ended by the day after it was scheduled' option.
  • You can add a specific Slack message to an upcoming or scheduled 1-on-1 using the More Actions menu.
TIP 💡: To read more about the information that 15Five reads from Slack regarding privacy/security, see this article.
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