End a 1-on-1

You held your 1-on-1 meeting and are ready to end the current 1-on-1 in order to move on to a fresh, new agenda. When it comes time to close up the current 1-on-1 agenda and start a new one, follow the steps below. Psst. Even if you didn't schedule your 1-on-1 for a specific date, you can schedule and end it in one easy step.

Why are you doing this again? Check out the science and value behind holding 1-on-1s with your people on our 1-on-1 science page!

End a 1-on-1

1. While viewing the current 1-on-1 agenda with your direct report, manager, or teammate, find and click the End 1-on-1 button in the footer.


2. If the 1-on-1 had a scheduled date, and it is still correct, there is no need to change the 'This 1-on-1 happened on' date. You can go ahead and click the End button.


If no... It is common that 1-on-1s not have a scheduled date or have a scheduled date this is not accurate. This is especially true if the manager and direct report use the same agenda week after week. If the 1-on-1 did not have a scheduled date when End 1-on-1 was clicked, be sure to select the date that the 1-on-1 took place on before ending—even if it was last week. 


3. Then click End.




If this is a 1-on-1 between a direct report and manager, a new 1-on-1 will automatically be created and appear. If this is a 1-on-1 between two teammates or people not in a direct report/manager relationship, the next 1-on-1 needs to be manually created.

4. After your 1-on-1 has been ended, a summary email with shared notes and action items will be sent to both parties. The 1-on-1 summary email will be sent 1 hour after the meeting is ended. Shared notes can be edited at anytime, even hours or days after the 1-on-1 ended. 

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