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With Career Hub, managers are given the tools and transparency they need to help their team members focus on doing enriching work and achieving their growth goals. This article covers manager-specific logistics of Career Hub including how to access your team's Career Hubs, visibility and permissions, and holding meetings with your team.

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Recommended steps before enabling Career Hub



Only account administrators can enable the Career Hub feature.

Best-Self Kickoff

We suggest that managers complete Best-Self Kickoffs with their direct reports before enabling Career Hub. The Best-Self Kickoff is a precursor to Career Hub in many ways, and can help direct employees as they go through the process of filling out their Career Hub.

Input job descriptions and responsibilities

In the ‘Role clarity’ tab of Career Hub employees are asked to rate how energizing their job responsibilities are. Therefore, before launching Career Hub, it’s important that job responsibilities are added to Career Hub. Account administrators can bulk upload job descriptions and responsibilities company-wide, whereas managers can input them one-off.

To enter a job description or job responsibilities, open your employee’s Career Hub by following the steps in the next section of this article (“How can I access my direct report’s Career Hub?"). From there, follow the steps below to make changes to these sections.

Job description

  1. Open the 'Role Clarity' tab.
  2. Click Edit in the top right corner of the ‘Job title & description’ box.
  3. Make desired changes, then click Save changes.

Job responsibilities

The purpose of this section is to list job responsibilities as laid out in an employee’s job description. Employees will rate each of these responsibilities based on how energizing they find them.

  1. Click +Add responsibility in the top right corner of the ‘Job responsibilities’ box.
  2. Add responsibilities that are part of the employee’s job description. Once you’re done, click Submit. Repeat until all responsibilities outlined in the employee’s job description are listed.


You cannot edit job responsibilities that were programmed in by an account administrator.

Projects & tasks [optional]

The intention of this section is to allow employees to list projects and tasks that they do on a regular basis that may not be part of their official job responsibilities. You can also add projects and tasks for employees if desired. As is the case with job responsibilities, employees will rate these items based on how energizing they find them.

  1. Click +Add item in the top right corner of the ‘Projects & tasks’ box.
  2. Add responsibilities that are part of the employee’s job description. Once you’re done, click Submit.

How can I access my direct report’s Career Hub?

1. Click on 'Career Hub' in the left hand navigation bar.


2. Under "Team", click the name of the employee whose Career Hub you'd like to view.


3. Once you’ve opened a person’s Career Hub, you can navigate through each tab using the top navigation.


What visibility/permissions do I have as a manager?


The only people who can see a person's Career Hub are the person themselves and their manager. As a manager, you will see a limited version of both the ‘Role Clarity’ tab and ‘Career Vision’ tab until your direct report shares results with you. They can still edit their responses post-share, and you will be informed that there’s been an update. Updates your direct report makes to the 'Strengths' tab will be visible to you immediately.

What permissions do I have as manager?

'Role clarity' tab

  • Add/edit the job description
  • Add/edit the lists of responsibilities, projects, and tasks (except responsibilities added by account admin)
  • Leave comments

'Strengths' tab

  • Leave comments

'Career vision' tab

  • View-only

Can I edit my direct reports’ responses?

No- you can comment on items, but you can’t edit any information that was entered by your direct report.

Hold meetings with my team

Once your employee fills out their Career Hub, it's time to hold a 1-on-1 meeting. Check out the resources below for tips on how to structure your 1-on-1, topics of discussion, and tips for success:

Continued meetings can be helpful to ensure that career growth remains a continuous topic of conversation. The cadence of when these meeting should occur depends on the eagerness of the employee- but we’d recommend checking back in on the conversation of your career vision at least once a month. Try bulk adding a Career Hub-specific talking point to your 1-on-1s with your direct reports!

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