Manage Check-in section frequency

This article walks through managing how often the Pulse question, priorities, and objective updates sections of Check-ins appear. The frequency of these sections can be set either company-wide or by group.



If you'd like to change how frequently Check-ins are generated for a person, a group, or your entire company, check out our "Change the frequency of Check-ins" Help Center article.

Manage Check-in section frequency

1. Click the settings gear in the top right-hand corner of 15Five.


2. Select 'Features' from the dropdown menu.


3. Open the 'Check-ins' section.


4. Click the arrow next to "Customize frequency" to expand frequency options. 


5. To set the default frequency for your entire company, check the circle next to "Company-wide". 


To set frequency for a specific group(s), check the circle next to "Limit to groups" and select all desired groups from the dropdown menu.


6. Select the desired frequency for the Pulse, Priorities, and Objectives Check-in sections. Possible frequencies are weekly, bi-weekly (i.e. fortnightly), and monthly.




When the Pulse, Priorities, and/or Objectives sections are set to a monthly frequency, they will show on the first Check-in of month. When they are set to bi-weekly, they will show on the first and third week of each month. These settings will not be applied to current/already-generated Check-ins.

7. Save your changes.


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