Make changes to an active engagement campaign

We understand that changes happen. In this article, you will learn how to make changes to an active engagement campaign, including managing participants, notifications, milestones, and more.

Access and availability

⛔️ Required access to Engagement and the Campaign page.
👥 This article is relevant to Engagement admins.
📦 This feature is available in the Engage, Legacy Perform, and Total Platform pricing packages.

Make changes to an active engagement campaign

  1. Click Engagement in 15Five's main, left-hand navigation to open the Engage Portal.
  2. You'll be taken to the "Engagement Campaigns" page. Click on the name of the campaign you need to make changes to.


    Use the Filter by option in the top, right-hand corner of the campaigns page to filter campaigns by Status > In progress to view active campaigns.

  3. You're now on the Campaign page, which contains three sections:
    • The Campaign Details section is where you can edit the campaign name, cadence, and participants;
    • The Surveys section is where you can edit the feedback filter that will be used to filter open-ended answers received in the survey;
    • The Campaign schedule & reminders section is where you can edit campaign milestones and notifications.

    Continue reading for how to make changes in each of these sections.

Campaign Details

Change campaign name and cadence
  • The Campaign Name is how the campaign appears internally to people who have access to the Engage Portal. To change the campaign name, click on the text field and provide a new name.
  • The Campaign cadence determines whether or not the campaign will repeat. By default, surveys are set to repeat every 90 days, but you can choose not to repeat the survey, or change how often you want it to repeat.
Manage campaign participants

During the process of campaign creation, you have the option to customize which employees you want to include in the campaign. By default, all active employees in the Engage Portal are included as participants in engagement campaigns. If new users are synced to Engage from 15Five before a campaign begins, they will automatically be added as participants. The participant list is locked once a campaign launches, meaning newly-added users are not automatically added to active campaigns.

If you need to make changes to survey participants after a campaign has launched, follow the steps below.

  1. Scroll to the "What employees would you like to include in this campaign?" section.
  2. To remove participants, add them to the "Exclude" field using the dropdown menu.
  3. To include additional participants, add them to the "Include" field using the dropdown menu.

Screenshot 2024-02-15 at 7.22.49 AM.png


Once a campaign is live, it's not possible to change the surveys included in the campaign. However, you can change the feedback filter in this section after the campaign is live. 

Change feedback filter

To protect the confidentiality of survey participants, open-ended question answers collected from any survey in a campaign can be filtered by one group type. Use this section to select the group type you would like to view comments by.

Campaign schedule & reminders

Change campaign milestones

Use the date/time fields to customize when the campaign will be sent to participants and when responses will be cut-off.

Change campaign notifications
  • Notification type: This setting determine how notifications are sent to participants. Options are email, SMS, email and SMS, or none. Changing this setting will impact all future notifications for the engagement campaign.
  • Notification schedule: The dates selected in this section dictate the date and time that notifications go out to participants. By default, when you set the start date for your campaign, we will automatically add dates and times for the 5 notifications. This is the recommended cadence, and organizations using this cadence average an 82% response rate. However, you can alter notification dates and times based on your organization's needs. Only non-respondents will receive reminders.Customize-Notifications-Engage.png


What happens if I add an employee when an assessment is live?
The employee will immediately be added to the assessment as an active participant and the survey will be delivered to them.
What happens if I update an employee's email address or phone number when an assessment is live?
The employee will receive the assessment at the time of the next reminder in your notification schedule and all future reminders according to the scheduled reminder cadence and delivery mechanism (Email and/or SMS).
What happens if an employee is deactivated when an assessment is live?
The employee's responses will be deleted and they will be removed from the response rate.
What happens if the receiving surveys setting is changed for an employee while an assessment is live?
If the setting is set to "Yes," they will be added to the assessment, get the first notification, and receive all future reminders. If the setting is moved to "No," their response will be removed and they'll be removed from the response rate.
What happens if an employee is deactivated or marked as receiving surveys = no and then reactivated or marked as receiving surveys = yes during a live assessment?
If they completed the survey prior to being removed, their responses will be restored. If they didn't complete the assessment, they will return to getting all future reminders.

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