Add Engage emails and domains to your allowlist

This article walks through how to prevent survey invitations from getting caught by spam or content filters to increase the chance employees see and take the survey.

Assessment Email Delivery

A critical step to ensuring assessment success is making sure that the assessment emails don’t end up in your employees’ spam folders. This can negatively impact your response rates and make you question the validity of the results. For those delivering surveys to corporate email addresses, please consult with your IT team to add the following sending addresses and partner domains to your allowlist:

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If your email service requires IP-level allowlisting, here are the IP Addresses that the invitations will originate from:

IP Hostname

If you or your IT team need some help doing this, here are some reference articles, or contact your email vendor:

Google G Suite

Microsoft Office 365 

Microsoft Exchange Online 

Microsoft Exchange 2010 

Survey Access

A crucial step to ensuring survey success is making sure that your employees can access the survey URL's. For those delivering surveys to employees who may be using computers that have internet access blocked, please consult with your IT team to add the following URL's(both http and https) to your allowlist:

If there are employees who have all internet traffic blocked, the following URL's will need to be allowlisted in addition to those listed above:

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