Create a group and/or group type

What is the purpose of groups? Well, if you have a large staff, 15Five can help you keep your people organized by creating groups. The most common group types are Groups or Departments. That being said, some companies have the need for different types of groups, like Squads, Locations, etc.

Let's break it down- your company might have Squads, Divisions, Locations, Teams, etc. These subsets should be created as 'Group types'. Within each of those group types, you will create "groups". For example, you might have an 'R&D' group under the type 'Squads', a 'North America' group under the type 'Divisions', a 'New York' group under the type 'Locations', etc. Below are the steps to create group types and groups.

Before you create a group, we suggest creating a group type- allowing you to create a group within that group type. Lastly, you can add people to the group(s) and manage the settings. Let's get to it.

If you would like to learn more about the group permissions and visibility, please read this article. If you are a reviewer would like your team to be automatically added/removed to a group, read more about Smart Groups.

Create a group type and/or group



Only account administrators can create group types. Account administrators and reviewers can create groups. Account administrators can create a group with anyone as the group administrator and can include anyone as a member. Reviewers can create a group with limited group administrator options and can only include people in their hierarchy as members. Once the group is created, only account administrators and the group administrator can manage.

1. Click on the Settings menu at the upper right corner of your 15Five account and then click People.


2. Once on the 'People' page, click on the 'Manage groups' tab.


3. Once on the 'Manage groups' page, you will see two default group types- Groups and Departments. If those two groups suffice for your company structure, you can skip ahead to step 7 and create your group. If you are a reviewer, you also need to skip ahead to step 7, as you cannot create group types. 

If you need to create additional group types, proceed to steps 5 & 6.


4. Click Create a new group type.


5. Give your new group type a name and click Save.


7. After your group types look acceptable, you can create a new group. Start by clicking on the name of the group type under which you would like to add a group. 




If you use SCIM to manage groups, please see the applicable article with instructions on managing group types and groups.

8. Click the Create a new group button.


9. Name your group.  


10. Double-check that the group is being created under the correct 'Group type'. 


11. Select a group administrator(s). (This field is optional.)




Group administrators can be any account administrator or any reviewer. If no group administrator is chosen, any account administrator OR reviewer can edit the group. Group administrators do not have visibility into all group members' Check-ins automatically. If the group administrator needs visibility into anyone's Check-ins, they can request to follow those people. Group administrators are also not members of the group by default. If the group administrator(s) should also be a member of the group, please add them as such.

12. Add group members.




Account administrators can add anyone as a group member. Reviewers can add anyone they have the ability to manage as a member. HINT: Check the 'Manage people' page to see who can be included in your group.

13. Choose the settings for your group. The below screenshot shows the default settings when creating a group.


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14. Make sure to click Create group when you're done!


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