Pull a custom report

Through 15Five Reporting, you can create and generate custom reports of groups, of an individual, or of the whole company. We suggest you use the existing Reporting dashboards first. If there is something that you cannot report on using those dashboards, custom reports may help. Reporting and custom reports both give you the ability to print a report or download a CSV.



You can only generate reports for people you have access to manage, including yourself. The visibility of a generated report will also vary, depending on role permissions.

Pull a custom report

1. Click on Reporting from the left navigation.


2. Click on 'Custom Reports'.


3. Select from the Pulse question, Priorities, Questions, High Fives, or Objectives and Key Results.


4. Select who the report should include. 


5. Select the time frame.


6. Select whether you want comments included. At this time, comments on Objectives reporting is not available.


7. Click on Generate report.


8. Your report will appear with the results of your search. This preview shows you the criteria you selected for your report, and all information that will be included in the CSV download.


9. Your options from this preview screen are Print and Download. (Be sure to star your query if you want to save the query for later use.)


If you are looking for a report detailing the historical progress of objectives and key results, check our API integration that allows you to set up reports including this data!

Success Center article 🗒: API integration

I'm not getting results when I try to pull a custom report. Help!

If your custom report is not pulling results:

1. If you tried to update your custom report in order to pull new information, try creating and generating a new custom report. The system doesn't retroactively update and pull new information when you change the report criteria.

2. Check the date range to make sure it is inclusive of those reporting weeks.

3. Make sure the question that you are reporting on is active.

4. Remember, you will only be able to see the information that you have permission to view.

If you are still having trouble, contact support@15five.com.

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