Polls dashboard

The Polls dashboard works in a very similar way to the Trends dashboard. The key difference between the two dashboards is that the Polls dashboard only shows one-time, quantitative questions. Quantitative questions are yes/no, numerical, or rating scale questions. Text questions will not appear in your Polls dashboard.

Pull a report on one-time metric questions (Polls)

1. Click on Reporting from the left navigation.


2. Click on 'Polls'.


3. Use the filters to select the desired criteria.


4. Click on the specific question you would like to report on.


You'll be taken to a page that digs deeper into the Polls question.


5. Click Download Answers to see fields that you can exclude or include in your download. 


6. The fields will pop up in an alert window, like this. Choose the fields that you want included in your download. 


7. Click Download CSV.


Guide 📖: The Great eBook of Employee Questions

Visibility permissions for Polls

Account administrators will have access to all quantitative answers and any additional qualitative answer given.

Reviewers will have access to their hierarchy's quantitative answers and any person in the company that they follow.

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