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The power of peer recognition shouldn't be underestimated. Our High Fives feature allows people to show their teammates appreciation whenever they do something awesome. 🖐 And since recognition should flow freely, we have multiple ways to give someone a high five.

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If you're looking for steps on how to manage settings for the High Fives feature, check out our "Manage High Fives settings" Help Center article.

Options for high fives

Public V. Private high fives

You are able to give either public or private high fives in 15Five. Public high fives are visible to everyone in your company, whereas private high fives are visible to only the giver and receiver of the high fives.

Currently, it's only possible to give private high fives from within Check-ins. You can give public high fives via any of the methods covered in this article.

@mention groups or the entire company

By default, people can give High Fives to individuals. But account admins can also manage whether or not they'd like to enable the option for individuals to give high fives to groups or the entire company by @mentioning them. If you don't see the option to @mention when giving a Hive Five, have one of your account admins (in-app link) check out our "Enable @mentions for your company" Help Center article.

Company value #hashtags

Account admins are able to add your company's values to 15Five. Once values are added, an account admin (in-app link) can turn on the "Enable hashtags in High Fives" option in High Five feature settings, which allows employees to use company values as #hashtags when giving high fives. Enabling this ability helps make sure your company values stay top-of-mind.

If you enable the High Five "Trending Values" Leaderboard in your High Five feature settings, your team can also see which company values are trending at any given time on the High Fives Dashboard (in-app link).

External high fives

You can High Five people outside of 15Five either from within your Check-in or from the 'High Fives' dashboard. Give the High Five as normal, but @mention the recipient's email address rather @mentioning the name of a fellow 15Fiver.

Where you send the High Five from will depend on when the recipient is notified. If sent from the 'High Fives' dashboard, an email notification will be sent to the recipient immediately. If sent from your Check-in, the email notification will be sent when you submit your Check-in.

External high fives can be given from within your Check-in or from the High Fives dashboard. The High Five recipient will receive an email informing them of the high five from

Give a High Five from within your Check-in

The option to give either public or private high fives is included in the last section of your Check-in.

To give a high five from within your Check-in, scroll to the "Give a High Five" section, @mention the person, group, or external email address you want to high five, then type out your High Five. If you'd like for your high five to be private between you and the recipient, click the box that says "Public" to the right of the high five and select the "Private High Five" option from the dropdown.

High fives given from within a Check-in are sent once the Check-in is submitted, and recipients will be notified at that time.


Give a High Five in real-time from the 'High Fives' dashboard

  1. Click High Fives in the left-hand navigation of 15Five.
  2. Find the high fives text box at the top of the screen, under "Give a high five". @mention the appropriate person, group, or external email address, then type out your high five.
  3. Click the High Five! button. Once a High Five is given, the recipient(s) will be notified and the high five will appear on the dashboard.

Give a High Five from Slack

You can give a High Five while you are in Slack— without ever leaving your flow of work!

  1. From within any Slack channel, type the command /highfive.SlackHighFive.png
  2. @mention the person or group you want to give a high five to (e.g. @sophiafresch), followed by the content of your High Five. Please note that this person must have a Slack account under the same email address that they use for 15Five for the high five to post to 15Five.
  3. Once you submit the high five, the recipient(s) will be notified and the high five will be posted on the High Fives Dashboard (in-app link).

High Five while reviewing your direct report's Check-in

Manager recognition has proven to be the most memorable to employees, according to a recent Gallup survey. Make the process of giving High Fives to your direct reports a seamless process.

  1. Click on Check-ins in the main, left-hand navigation bar of 15Five.
  2. Click to open the 'Team's' Check-ins tab.
  3. You'll land on your 'Team's current Check-ins' page. Click the '...' next to the person's name whose current Check-in you want to review, then select 'View Check-in' from the dropdown menu.ViewCheckin.pngIf the Check-in you want to review is from a previous Check-in period, click View to the right of 'Unreviewed Check-ins' at the bottom of the page. Once on the 'Unreviewed Check-ins' page, you can open the Check-in that you'd like to review by clicking the '...' next to the Check-in and selecting 'View Check-in' from the dropdown menu.
  4. After opening the appropriate Check-in, scroll down to the 'High Fives' section. Here you'll see the option to High Five your direct report. You can also choose whether you would like to make the High Five public or private.

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