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The power of peer recognition shouldn't be underestimated. Our High Fives feature allows people to show their teammates appreciation whenever they do something awesome. 🖐 And since recognition should flow freely, we have multiple ways to give someone a High Five within 15Five. Keep reading...

First, let's lay the groundwork. People can give High Fives to individuals, groups, or the entire company by mentioning them. If you don't see the option to @mention when giving a Hive Five, this article will help you set up mentions for your company.

Science 🔬: High Fives



If your company's values have been added to 15Five by an account administrator, you can #hashtag a company value in your High Five. Not only can you call out the impact, but you can draw attention to a company value that was displayed, all from a High Five. Level up the recognition!

Since the goal of High Fives is for recognition to flow freely, there are multiple ways you can give a High Five within 15Five. The options are listed below with steps included.

Give a High Five from your current Check-in

The option to give a High Five is included in the last section of your Check-in. Private High Fives can only be given from within your Check-in. High Fives given from the Check-in will be sent once the Check-in is submitted. Simply write and submit. The good vibes are in orbit!

Give a High Five in real-time from the 'High Fives' dashboard

A few things to not about High Fives given from the 'High Fives' dashboard:

  • Only public High Fives can be given from the 'High Fives' dashboard.
  • It's not possible to give private High Fives from the dashboard- private High Fives can only be given from a Check-in.
  • Once a High Five is given, an email will be sent notifying the recipient, and the High Five will appear on the dashboard. The most recent High Fives are visible at the top of the feed.
  • If you give a High Five from the dashboard, it will appear on your current Check-in in a read-only format—simply denoting that you gave additional High Fives outside of the current Check-in. When your Check-in is submitted, only High Fives given from within your Check-in will trigger notification emails to the recipients.

Give a real-time High Five

1. Click on High Fives from the left navigation.


2. Give your High Five by @mentioning a person, group, all, or an external email address (if all options are enabled for your company)!


3. Click High Five!


Give a High Five from Slack

You can give a High Five while you are in Slack—without ever leaving your flow of work! From within any channel, type the command /highfive followed by the person/group/all's name (@sophiafresch) and the content of your High Five.


High Five while reviewing your direct report's Check-in

Manager High Fives have proven to be the most memorable, according to a recent Gallup survey. Make the process of giving High Fives to your direct reports a seamless process.

1. Click on Check-ins from the left navigation. 


2. Click on the 'Team Check-ins' tab.


3. From the 'Current Check-ins' page for your team, find the Check-in you want to review. Then click the ... to the right of their name, and click View Check-in


If the Check-in you want to review is from a previous period, click View to the right of Unreviewed Check-ins from previous weeks at the bottom of the page. Once on the 'Unreviewed Check-ins' page, you can view the Check-in that needs to be reviewed using the ... option.


5. Once viewing the Check-in, scroll down to the 'High Fives' section. You will see the option to High Five your direct report. You can also choose whether you would like to make the High Five public or private. 


Give a private High Five

Private High Fives are High Fives that are private between the person giving and the person receiving the High Five. When you give a private High Five, the recipient will be notified by email and can add a comment or like the High Five. No one else using 15Five can see private High Fives—it’s private between you and the recipient. Below are some additional logistics about private High Fives:

  • You can only give a private High Five to one person at a time. Private High Fives are not available for group High Fives or multi-person High Fives.
  • Private High Fives do not appear on the 'High Fives' dashboard or reporting.
  • Private High Fives will not be shared to public Slack channels.
  • The ability to give private High Fives is not yet available on iOS.

How to give a private High Five

1. Click on Check-ins from the left navigation. 


2. You'll land on the 'My Check-ins' page.


3. Scroll to the bottom of your Check-in to the section titled "Give a High Five".


4. Write the High Five and then click Public to the right of the High Five to see the privacy options.


5. Select the Private High Five option.


6. Here's how your private High Five will appear.


7. The private High Five will be sent when you submit your Check-in. 

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