Update the status of an objective

An essential part of the Objectives and Key Results (OKR) practice is updating the status of your OKRs regularly. 15Five makes it easy for OKR owners to set the status of their objectives and/or key results either from the Objectives tab or as they fill out their Check-ins.

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Access and availability

⛔️ Required access to Objectives.
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📦 This feature is available in the Perform, Legacy Focus, and Total Platform pricing packages.



For a list of who can manage objectives and for whom, see this article.

Update the status of your objective



Once you set a status for an objective, there is no way to revert it to "No progress."

Research shows that monitoring progress on goals increases motivation and the likelihood of success! Use the steps below to update your OKR from either your Check-in or the Objectives tab.

From your Check-in From the Objectives tab
  1. Click on Check-ins in 15Five's main, left-hand navigation.
  2. Find the "Objectives" section towards the top of your Check-in. Here, you'll find all objectives you own and all objectives you own key results for.
  3. Update the status: Select whether each of the objectives you own is On track, Behind, or At risk. You won't be able to submit your Check-in without selecting a status for every objective you own.
  4. Leave a comment [optional]: To leave a contextual comment about your update, click the dialogue bubble icon. Comments will be visible to everyone who has visibility into the objective on the objective's details page.
  5. Update key results [optional]: You can view and update key results by clicking the arrow to the right of "Key results and aligned objectives."
  6. If needed, you can click ... to view the objective's details page or to delete or close the objective.
  7. Fill out the rest of your Check-in (check out our "Fill out a Check-in" article for a walkthrough!). When you're done, click Submit at the bottom of your Check-in.



    Edits made to an objective from your Check-in will not take effect until you submit your Check-in. If you want your change to go live immediately, please update the objective using the Objectives tab.

What Objective statuses are available?

There are three available statuses you can select from when you update objectives: At risk, Behind, and On track.

  • Selecting "At risk" means that progress towards the objective is in danger, requiring immediate attention to address potential issues and risks.

  • Selecting "Behind" means that progress is slower than planned or expected, necessitating action to catch up and maintain the project schedule.

  • Selecting "On track" means that progress is proceeding as planned, with milestones being met and tasks completed on time. No immediate interventions are needed.

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