Submit a past-due Check-in

You forgot to submit your Check-in—whoops! You just got busy and didn't have time to complete then submit your Check-in. We understand. If you're late on a Check-in, we recommend that you submit it anyway. Submitting Check-ins allows you to keep the log of work running and keeps your submission stats up. See the below walkthrough for steps on how to complete past-due Check-ins.



If you filled out the next period's Check-in instead of the current period, you can move your answers to the previous period. See this article for a walkthrough.

To submit a Check-in that is past due

1. Click on Check-ins from the left navigation. 


2. Ensure you're on the 'My Check-ins' page.


3. Go into the Check-in you need to edit by clicking View my history. Your history page shows all Check-ins, past and current.


4. Find the past due Check-in you want to complete and then click Fill out Check-in.


5. Fill out your check-in with all important information.

6. Remember to click Submit when you're done filling out your Check-in! 




You will not see the option to fill out Check-ins that are more than 35 days overdue. To fill out a Check-in that's over 35 days overdue, please reach out to

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