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This article walks through how to manage company settings for 15Five's Priorities feature. Priorities are short-term goals that people set in their Check-ins.



Research shows that due to planning fallacy, a concept presented by famed psychologist Daniel Kahneman, people aren't great estimating how long it will take them to complete tasks. In other words, people seldom achieve as much as they intend to. Morten Hansen, a professor at UC Berkeley and INSEAD has an answer to this predicament: do less and obsess. We encourage people to use 15Five's Priorities feature to start each week with three priorities they want to accomplish.


Access and manage Priorities feature settings

  1. Click on the Settings gear in the top, right-hand corner of your 15Five account.
  2. Select 'Features' from the dropdown menu.
  3. Click into the 'Priorities' section.

The following settings can be customized in this section:

  • Enable/disable priorities: By default, people are asked to set priorities in each Check-in. However, there may be times that you'd rather not have that question appear on Check-ins, or you may only want the Pulse question to appear on certain people's Check-ins.
    Use this section to determine if you want priority questions to be asked company-wide, disabled company-wide, or only asked on the Check-ins of certain groups. As an alternative to disabling priorities, you can change how often the Priorities sections appear on Check-ins for your entire company or specific groups.
  • Custom priorities labels: There are two priorities sections that appear on Check-ins. The first ("Mark priorities from your past Check-in as complete") is where people can update the status of their priorities or add additional priorities to their current Check-ins. The second ("What do you intend to accomplish between now and your next Check-in?") is where people can add priorities for their next Check-in.
    In this section, you can customize the text of these sections.
  • Sharing: If your company has the Slack integration enabled, you will see the option to configure priorities to be shared to Slack.

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