Send nudges during an active cycle

If you want to remind your team to complete their review(s) using our 'Nudge' option, 15Five will send them an email with your personalized message. Review admin can nudge people to complete manager, peer, and upward reviews before or after each deadline, as long as the person's self review has been submitted. Each deadline= manager review deadline, peer review deadline, and upward review deadline, whichever is applicable.



If you are the one sending the nudge you will not receive the nudge email.

Send review reminders

1. Click on 'Features' from the left navigation.


2. Click on 'Best-Self Review'.


3. Click on the active review cycle. (You can also click on the three dots to the right of the cycle name, and then 'View review cycle'.)


4. After clicking on the cycle name, you should automatically be taken to the Overview page for that review cycle.


5. From the 'Overview' tab, you will see a menu with options 'Me', 'My team', 'My hierarchy', and 'Whole company'. Depending on your role and the visibility settings for the cycle, you may not see all of the options shown below. 


6. You can send nudges from multiple places on the Overview page.

Option 1: Nudge in bulk

1. Use the Progress tracker section, and click on 'Review milestones' to expand the tracker window. Screen_Shot_2019-06-21_at_2.02.30_PM.png

2. Then click on the '...' to the right of the deadline that you want to send nudges for. Screen_Shot_2019-06-21_at_2.03.04_PM.png

Nudging through this method will send nudges to all people who have unsubmitted reviews of that type. For the example above, all people who need to still complete peer reviews will receive the nudge.

3. Fill in a personal message to be included in the nudge email. Screen_Shot_2019-06-21_at_2.43.34_PM.png

4. Click 'Send nudge email'.




Check your 'Participants' vs 'Review writers' filter before sending nudges. Nudging from the 'Participants' filter will send nudges to the people who are supposed to be writing reviews of that person. Nudging from the 'Review writers' filter will send nudges to the person listed in the leftmost column, telling them to complete their review(s) for various people.


Option 2: Nudge specific people

1. After taking note of your current filter 'Participants' vs 'Review writers', scroll down to the Review writers or Participants section.

2. Find the person whom you would like to nudge to complete their various reviews- this is the 'Review writers' filter. Screen_Shot_2019-06-21_at_2.40.20_PM.png

find the person whose peers, manager, or direct reports still need to review them- this is the 'Participants' filter. Screen_Shot_2019-06-21_at_2.40.02_PM.png

3. Fill in a personal message to be included in the nudge email. Screen_Shot_2019-06-21_at_2.48.06_PM.png

4. Click 'Send nudge email'.


Do your employees need some help with how to fill out their reviews or nominate peers? Send them our "I'm a participant" and "I'm a manager" walkthroughs to help them through it!
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